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送交者: Harry3772 2016年11月27日08:51:34 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话

The Real Reason Electoral College Reform Is Coming

by             Tosten Burks        

November 17, 2016  
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During President-elect Donald Trump’s otherwise frightening 60 Minutes interview on Sunday, in which he pledged to deport millions of immigrants and hinted that Roe v. Wade’s days are numbered, the new face of the Republican Party also expressed support for a political measure typically associated with progressives: Electoral College reform.

Do you still think it’s rigged?” CBS’ Lesley Stahl asked, referring to the election.

Some of the system is. I’m not gonna change my mind just because I won,” Trump said. “I would rather see it where you went with simple votes. You get 100 million votes, and somebody else gets 90 million votes, and you win.”

In other words, Trump supports the national popular vote, something left-leaning politicians have tried to establish for decades. Former Indiana Senator Birch Bayh, who wrote the 25th and 26th Amendments—which clarified presidential succession and lowered the voting age to 18, respectively—introduced a constitutional amendment to instate the direct popular vote six times between 1967 and 1977. Despite popular support, conservative filibusters foiled the efforts.

Today, legislative momentum for overturning the Electoral College is hotter than ever. Trump’s election, in which he received a majority of electoral votes but over 1 million fewer popular votes than Hillary Clinton (final vote counts are still being tallied), has the public again questioning the system’s efficacy. In response, Senator Barbara Boxer submitted a new bill Tuesday to abolish the Electoral College.

Because it would federalize the administration of the presidential election without involvement or oversight by states, something many congressmen oppose, Boxer’s proposal is a long shot. However, an alternative route to installing a popular vote election has never been closer to reality.

Since 2007, 10 states and the District of Columbia have passed a measure known as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. By signing, states agree to pledge their electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the popular vote—but only if an Electoral College majority make the same commitment. The plan would preserve the Electoral College and state control over electoral vote allotment.

Right now, the compact’s signatories account for 165 electoral votes, almost two-thirds of the 270 needed for a majority. And so far, while all of the states that have signed the compact consistently support democratic candidates, red states want in on the action.

Our project is bipartisan,” Saul Anuzis, a member of the non-profit National Popular Vote and former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, told GOOD. “I think it could go into effect by 2020.”

In the last two years, the compact passed in both the conservative-leaning Oklahoma Senate and Arizona House of Representatives. The bill also was introduced in Georgia’s Senate in February, where it was sponsored by 55 of the 61 state senators. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is rumored to play a leading strategic advisory role in Trump’s Cabinet, supports the national popular vote too.

The reason? Non-swing states, whether liberal or conservative, are tired of being ignored by presidential campaigns, which heavily focus on so-called “purple states” where electoral votes are reasonably up for grabs.

It’s just crazy that (Trump and Clinton) spent more than 50 percent of their campaign visits in four big swing states,” Rob Richie, the executive director of electoral reform organization FairVote, told GOOD. “The Clinton-Kane ticket spent nearly a quarter, 24 percent, of their campaign events in only Florida. That’s [our] democracy. It’s just nutty.”

In turn, elected presidents enact policy that disproportionately helps these states. Anuzis believes steel tariffs and the federal government’s support for ethanol are direct results of Iowa and Pennsylvania’s status as swing states.

When they’re presidents, they give grants differently. They are more likely to give discretionary grants to swing states,” Richie said. “That’s a perversion of what I think an electoral college should do.”

Other Republican officials have echoed this concern.

What happens is we get ignored,” Arizona’s incoming Republican House Speaker J.D. Mesnard, who supports the compact, told Tuscon.com. “The point is what’s good for Arizona.”

If the compact passes in Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Michigan (where a compact bill has been introduced to the state senate), the plan would have 215 of the 270 electoral votes needed.

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    Make our world better!  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (62)
      这真的?你认为奥8很好?川普新政一定与你的生意利益有冲突。  /无内容 - 慌兮兮 11/27/16 (58)
        哈哈,我是懒得反驳。民主党的粉丝就爱喊看上去正确无比的口号  /无内容 - 淡紫 11/27/16 (49)
        在新政下税是要少付的,还得谢川。  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (57)
    前人定的古制,后人就改不得么?  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (77)
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          中国没有公民教育,海华出国后, - 冬冬 11/27/16 (74)
            哈里也不是不理解,也不是不学,就是有个不同意见。 - pifu01 11/27/16 (85)
              还是皮教授是our洛杉矶人。  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (54)
              人家就谈哈利这几天的表现,与篱笆如没任何关系。  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (69)
                讨论是双向的,起码,是一个双向理解的过程。  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (59)
                  多谢您今天没有说我常常骂人,哈哈。双向的,绝对同意。 - pifu01 11/27/16 (73)
                    有时有不同看法正常,我应作自我批评,有不对的地方。  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (64)
                      有了你这句话,看来沟通还是可能的。阿弥陀佛。  /无内容 - pifu01 11/27/16 (47)
                      既然双向,阿拉也想见识一下您为何方仙女。  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (61)
      3权分立是美国体制的精髓。一人一票没错。  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (68)
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      人家是法治国家,你老中不去适应,要人家来适应你?明白?  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (66)
        怎么是人家?是自家。  /无内容 - 苍蒲 11/27/16 (65)
          回中国,改革中国去。中国更需要改。  /无内容 - 冬冬 11/27/16 (71)
            为什么?我要对自己说一声: 滚回。。。吗?  /无内容 - 苍蒲 11/27/16 (58)
          你以为人家都是傻瓜?你说自家就自家啊?  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (65)
            美国公民分几家?  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (70)
              你是出生在美国的?与人家一样?谁不知道你是从土工那儿来的?  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (61)
                那就想办法教育他们。  /无内容 - 苍蒲 11/27/16 (66)
                  这就需要“政治正确”了。你又不喜欢。  /无内容 - 苍蒲 11/27/16 (73)
                    关于政治正确要分阶段来理解,不是那么简单。当人们批评当今极左 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (76)
                      No.就讲这件事。在学校里教育孩子公平对待别人。  /无内容 - 苍蒲 11/27/16 (64)
                        这不是政治正确的专利么,重要的是既不能歧视,也不能逆向歧视,  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (59)
                          同样重要的是,实事求是,说实话做实事。  /无内容 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (61)
            你已经把自己当人家了,当然别人更把你。。  /无内容 - 苍蒲 11/27/16 (72)
              本来你与人家就是不一样的么,装也没用呵,关键是你要适应人家的 - cnoversea 11/27/16 (72)
  you may get what you wish for. - 高玉宝 11/27/16 (87)
    世界不是不变的,近来2/5的选举多数服从少数。  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (72)
      这种情况本就是这种机制的一种结果,机率不高,但不是差错。  /无内容 - 高玉宝 11/27/16 (64)
      科学上2次不成功,还不改进不是好科学家。  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (62)
    总统做不好,会后悔晚矣。  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (68)
  谢谢苍蒲, 穿铺  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (73)
    It's not something unthinkable  /无内容 - 苍蒲 11/27/16 (73)
      请各位好好学习,与时俱进!  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (73)
        与川总保持一致.  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (73)
          记住某人说的 “你的明白”  /无内容 - Harry3772 11/27/16 (65)
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