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Argumentative: DARE(论述抵制滥用毒品教育)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年03月28日10:44:52 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


【Aiden in English】

        In the world we call home, there are many items we like but harm us, such as drugs. It is unnecessary to do things similar to drugs, and it's crucial to tell us that early in life before it's too late. The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program has been created in order to help kids live up to their fullest.

        The world is full of harmful things to the human body like alcohol or tobacco, and the DARE focuses a lot on them since many people are addicted. That's what makes it so scary, considering both cause problems with the brain. Alcohol forces people to lose judgment, memory, coordination and reflexes. Tobacco is just as bad, reduces blood circulation to the brain, and leads to headaches as well as dizziness. Both alcohol and tobacco sound horrible and they really are, but even still, people use them. So convincing us not to take alcohol and tobacco is important as ever.

        Cigars and cigarettes are the same story as tobacco and alcohol, or might even be worse. In cigarettes, there are tobacco and disgusting chemicals. One cigarette may seem harmless. However, it really packs a punch. Over time, cigarettes painfully hurt us and can send us to the grave earlier than usual. A single one has over 200 chemicals, some used in batteries and some to clean bathrooms. A smoker is also basically breathing in burning paper. Worst of all, cigarettes contain nicotine, a substance that makes people addicted. Yet nicotine gives serious health problems. Cigars are even worse than cigarettes due to a higher amount of tobacco. But DARE takes it to another level. Not only has it told us that smoking is off limits, our instructor, Officer Matlack, often advices kids to stay away from smokers because you could breathe in their smoke which is equally as bad. That is called second-handed smoking or breathing in someone else's smoke.

        The biggest danger about drugs is the addicting part. Once kids try beer or tobacco, it hooks them and reels in like a fish on a line until you're totally addicted to it. The DARE is determined to convince us not to take drugs. We have to turn down any offers from friends and popular kids. That's harder than it sounds since if it was your friend, he probably would call you a chicken. So the decision is up to us whether to accept it or not. And I thank DARE for shooting some sense into my mind. Taking drugs is a lot worse than being called a chicken.

        The DARE is not only about drugs, but also shows us how to deal with everyday problems as a student who often encounters stress and bullying. When either of those situations occurs, it is important to tell an adult and maybe even ask your friends for help. All issues have solutions and all we need to do is to simply ask for help.

        In addition, the DARE provides a special treat by bringing in a K9 that gives us demonstration about the abilities of a trained police dog. This year's star was Duke, a German shepherd from the Netherlands. He loves to play and fights for his toys. But when he's told to play times over, Duke really gets to work. He has some vicious teeth that I personally don't want to be anywhere near while he's at work, and he can use them. As much as powerful that sounds, Duke's main theme is his nose because most of the time he has to smell where the enemy is and finds drugs by scent.

        The DARE truly helps us down the right road and makes sure that we live our lives the best it can be, drug free, tobacco free, and alcohol free. It teaches us many ways to deal with situations that come along throughout our lifetime. This is why the DARE is irreplaceable for us. And someday, it may even save a life or two.










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