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Kronborg Hamlet Castle, Denmark(丹麦克伦宫哈姆雷特城堡)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年05月23日08:45:30 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


Kronborg Castle0001.JPG

【Aiden in English】

        The theme of our journey so far has been about the Royal family in the Baltic region, whether it is with Kings, Queens, or Czars. Each has used his/her money to ensure a mark in history and the present day. Denmark, like all the other European countries, has been under the control of a monarchy, with most rulers usually narcissists, filling their kingdoms with pictures of themselves. But today's palace features a warrior in asleep... 

        Kronborg Castle is a kingdom palace built in the 15th century for the kings of Denmark, which rarely gets anyone to recognize the name in the USA. But when people say the castle was the main setting for the legendary Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, nearly everyone will nod his or her head or have a connection about “that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.“ Of course, I haven’t read the story yet, but the high school curriculum has me covered. That is, assuming mom doesn't force the book down my throat this summer after reading this. Nothing is a guarantee in this world anymore. 

        Speaking about nothing being a guarantee, the weather was quite a guarantee. The forecast should have been described as "depressing", since the sky cried out tears as well as a few pieces of hail, and the wind blew them horizontally into our faces. Finally, I must say, the worst would have to be the dreadful temperature. It is July 6th, 2016, and assuming the world's brightest minds are correct, global warming is a very real idea. So, please explain the reason why I shiver in a jacket and long pants at noon in the middle of summer when the world's icebergs are supposedly melting. Wait, before every Chinese genius in the world burns me on how temperature is a temporary measure, I want to say that the castle is haunted. Although ghosts are not flying out of windows every Friday the Thirteenth, deep below the surface lays a dormant spirit. Its name is Ogier the Dane. 

        In deep sleep, Ogier the Dane is a statue sitting on a chair, with both hands crossed over his chest, resting in a sword and shield. The path to the dormant beast is a dangerous road, with a twisting road through a pitch dark dungeon, many meters below ground. Torches glowed, casting eerie orange shadows and lighting. Water trickled down from above, occasionally scaring one of the tourists. With all that said, the place looked really cool. Sounds bounced off walls, disorienting noises. Rows upon rows of arches threw off the most sense of direction and soon made many lost. Luckily, it didn't take so long to find a flight of stairs, which led up into the small cavern of Ogier's slumbering statue. In the books, Ogier was a great warrior in Charlemagne's army, being one of his best. When he wanted to return to his home, Denmark, Charlemagne disagreed and didn't give any money for him to use. After walking his way back, Ogier went to a dormant state under Kronborg, leaving with a promise, which went along these lines. 

        If anyone dares to threaten Denmark, I will awaken and protect my country. 

        It becomes absolutely dramatic. During WWII, Ogier remained in the same position. Some called him a lazy slouch, but a resistance group took up his name...A coincidence, I think not.








2016-07-06_Kronborg Castle-10001.JPG

2016-07-06_Kronborg Castle-50001.JPG

2016-07-06_Kronborg Castle_Moat-30001.JPG

2016-07-06_Kronborg Castle_Bed Chamber for King-20001.JPG

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