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Blarney Castle of Cork, Ireland(爱尔兰科克市布拉尼城堡)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年05月24日09:05:10 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


Blarney Castle0001.JPG

【Aiden in English】

        I'm not a very superstitious type of person. Not that I don't say a favored team of mine is going to win because I wear my lucky socks since they are considered lucky. The supernatural, fictional idea of having an outside force changing an outcome for the unfavored is not only for the weak but also an unreliable source. This is why your parents don't want you to gamble because you will always lose money. I say "always", not from the fact that everyone loses to the chances, but because he or she does win the odd with the imaginary force of "luck" again. In math class, you learn how probability filters lower and lower in succession for something to happen again, like flipping a coin, "luck" has to be on your side. Most of the time, it just leaves you in the dust, so what is the point of leaning on something that isn't there? 

        Nevertheless, I am going to the Blarney Stone in the Blarney Castle of Cork (1446), Ireland for good fortune. 

        It was not my idea to stand in line for an hour and forty minutes to get the gift of eloquence. The Blarney Stone is the Stone of Scone that gives good fortune to those pilgrims who kiss it, or so they say for over 200 years. It was rumored to be Jacob's pillow that was brought to Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah based upon the Bible. For non-religious people, another rumor is that the rock came from a witch who was saved by a mortal. When the witch found out the man was an enemy, she decided to repay him with this stone as a gift. For the non-supernatural believers, I'm sorry, but everything is technically fictional to you. 

        The stone sits on a ledge hanging out of the top castle battlements. Not the most strategically spot for kissing, but the pictures are quite interesting. People can either interpret the position as crazy or suicidal, anything is possible. Many faces from the silver screen have come here, but none of that I remember, because their acting must suck if they need "luck". Apparently, the world is in bad shape, since the line to the stone must have contained over two-hundred tourists. 

        Nearing the top of the stone, the movement slowed. While waiting, many conversations about the time sprang up around us. "Oh, when it gets to the top, it gets really slow." "It should take about forty minutes from here." "Hey, I can see the top!" "If we don't get there in ten minutes, then I'll..." etc. Rarely any time guesses came true. No one expected a one hundred minute wait, but at the top, people really started to sound mad. "This'd better be the best rock I've ever seen." "Hey, I'll just tell all my friends on Twitter that I've seen this really cool rock that looks exactly like all the other ones in the world!" ... At last, I stood on the ledge of the Blarney Stone on the top, seeing the hole in the ground. It is very smart to have tourists lay back over a gap on the floor fifty feet up with nothing to catch you to kiss a stone that is probably unsanitary and would give me smallpox. With that all discarded, I leaned back and planted my lips on the cold stone. And now, I finally know what mud tastes like. 

        Writing this now, I don't feel all that much luckier. I have all I could ever need, and therefore, I don't need "luck". It is an imaginary idea, and playtime is a thing in the past. But... it wouldn't hurt for a few lotteries wins, am I right?








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