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Personal Narrative: A Very Cold World(记叙文─冰冷的世界)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年06月05日07:02:31 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


【Aiden in English】

        Growing up in the better areas of America, children take life for granted. We all expect the food to be provided on our plates every night, and new sneakers given every year before school starts. Most children and teenagers simply view this as a normal way of life, experiencing only one face of a multi-platform world. There aren’t many things that worry us other than grades or losing followers on Instagram. I was one of these kids who took life for granted. Looking back at what I’ve been through, I realize there is so much more in this world to worry about other than a letter written on the top of an essay.

        I didn’t realize that when the mother said it was freezing outside that she actually was serious. Then again, she hardly jokes, which now seems like something I should have noted. With autumn coming to its close, the season should’ve hinted at the upcoming weather changes. Unfortunately, the temperature of the past week was quite misleading. In fact, kids at school were still joking about how global warming has accelerated. “Finally,” we would say, “meteorologists actually got something right.”

        Stepping outside, the first feeling I received was … nothing, surprisingly. Although the thermostat said it was under the freezing level, I quickly disregarded its information. Just a day ago, it had read the indoor temperature around 120 degrees. We really needed to change its battery, I thought, walking to my bus stop.

        By then, the pricks had started in my hands. I had worn shorts with my favorite red Nike jacket. Stuffing them into the pockets, I realized then, a slight trickle in the back of my mind, that this may have been a mistake.

        Just my luck, the bus was late that day. When the sound of a squealing brake turned the corner, I had already begun to feel a growing, mysterious warmth within. Either that or I was hallucinating. School seemed fine enough, with only a slight headache to deal with, possibly from the cringy video in science. Stepping off the school bus in the afternoon, the bright sun seemed to shine a little less. Oddly, I couldn't tell what was wrong. My neighbor was hopping home, taking off his sweatshirt. I, on the other hand, bundled up even further, as if afraid of the sun.

        My house felt even weirder than outside. At this point, beads of sweat began to appear on my brow. That night, I went to bed early, disregarding my mother’s questions and worries. By then, I was dragging myself into bed, feeling as if my body was being pulled down by a supernatural force. Fortunately, I fell asleep quickly. Unfortunately, I woke up at night, with a huge chill in my stomach and a splitting headache. It was then I notified my mother, which led to the decision of taking me out of school.

        Obviously, by now I understood that I was sick. My family wasn’t sure what the issue or disease was just quite yet, but it wouldn’t be the first time a sickness impacted my life. Around every year, I have one really bad week of colds or the flu, where I take days off school in order to stay sane. It’s a very odd experience to feel so cold when your body is so hot, as it brutally messes with a person’s senses. This year was no different. Because of the experience with colds, I expected all the symptoms before most started. This year was an especially bad sickness. The world around went completely cold, and even though my breaths weren’t turning into crystals, the very air seemed to freeze up upon touching my skin.  Constantly checking a thermometer, the blood pounded through my ears, drumming with more intensity with every hour that passed. Sometimes, when things got too cold, I would use the heat radiating from my forehead to warm my hands. This might as well have been considered the only exercise for a week.

        The next few days were kind of a blur. They kind of all came in the same style. Eat a small breakfast, staring at the ceiling, drifting to sleep, it all felt like time and space had no relativity anymore. Reality had its color and life leeched away by a menacing ice-age. As I slipped between the conscious stages, I realized the difference between watching and seeing. Watching is just pointing your eyes towards something. Seeing is the actual image being broadcasted to the brain. Worst of all, I had nothing to do. The silver lining to being sick is the ability to stay home all day and do all the fun events. Surprisingly enough, even the simple pleasures of YouTube and videogames had no appeal, not to mention food, drinks, or sports. Mother, rather than feeling sympathetic, became quite tired of me not doing anything proactive the entire day, thinking in a very strict manner of things strict women would think about, such as school, missed work, projects, and practicing piano. Just another person that's gone cold. Therefore, I returned to school the next day.

        The description of Advil (200 mg) says that the drug has an effect of around four hours. Apparently, stacking up doses does not mean it will extend the effective time. Coming home after a particularly bad day at school, where I looked like a zombie without any of the human flesh appetites, mother figured that it was time to send me to the hospital.

        It was particularly dreary on that fateful night. Looking back at that exact moment, it felt like one of those dramatic movie scenes where the main character has he “has to go”, even though he “knows all the risks”. A thought protruded my wandering mind, saying this was for the good of my own health. Unfortunately, it sounded exactly how the main character always says “the world is counting on me”. But in this case, nature doesn’t seem to want me to survive.

        Children Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), located in Philadelphia, is a top-notch hospital in the world. For many adolescent patients, it can deliver very efficient care to those in need, as well as those with health insurance. There was a period of time when I had blacked out, probably because it was late at night, and I dozed off. Mother looked quite worried, as you would expect. Walking in a compartment, the magnitude of the situation settled into my soul. The walls suddenly closed in, looking ever so intimidating with their sharp tools and scary diagrams of body parts. With reassuring replies to my worries from my family, I understood sometimes, there only was so long a child could remain a child. The doctors took my blood pressure, recording them in some scary charts. Finally, a nurse arrived with needles and tubes, attempting to take some blood samples my mother requested. The last time I came in touch with needles, I, embarrassingly have to admit, was not something to be proud of. I really wished she had opened the packs outside or in another room since the process just gave my heart more time to self-destruct. Turning around, the nurse rubs away the grime with the alcohol pad on my arm and primed the glinting silver needle.

        Truthfully, I never saw it coming. One second, I was answering what school I went to, the next, I was hooked up to a drip, and the nurse had taken a small vial of red, gooey blood. She left without saying much, which probably was for the better. Later on, a bottle of Gatorade was given, “with extra infused electrolytes”. I never was a big fan of Gatorade, just a bunch of sugar and a catchy name. But I couldn’t really let go of the bottle. As in that cold, empty room, in a cruel, frozen world, it was the one thing I could count on.

        Later on, when the doctor said I simply had an extremely bad cold, which was very anti-climactic, I still sat in the chair, covered in a mountain of blankets, sipping that bottle of Gatorade. Sure, I caught a break, but I knew how much this meant for my future. Life isn’t something everyone takes for granted. We all should accept what we have and be thankful for what we have. Finishing the Gatorade, I felt a little shade of color return back into everything around. A warmth tingled within, but this time, I knew it was real.



        听到母亲提醒外面开始上冻后我没当回事,天气确实恶劣,再说她从不瞎开玩笑,现在到了我该注意的时候。 既然秋天马上过去,季节本身已经暗示未来天气变化,坏就坏在上周气温带点误导作用,其实校园内同学们仍旧拿全球快速变暖一事寻开心。 “终于,”大家会说:“气象学家干点靠谱的事。”













ER in Children Hospital of Philadelphia(费城儿童医院医急诊)


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