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清扫秋叶(Raking Leaves)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年06月06日08:08:25 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


【Aiden in English】

        Why do trees have to dump their trash all over human lawns? I understand the fact of how trees are supposed to help us, providing the required oxygen that all humans breathe, but isn’t there another place to dump leaves?

        Everyone is in love with the seasonal changes. People write poems, songs, and books about the colors of fall. There are countless numbers of paintings portraying the beautiful crimson, golden, and flaming pigments of autumn. Movies star some of the most climactic scenes in this season, showing a quite touching and emotional moment with the dashing bright leaves flying by, carried by the wind toward the hopeful sunset.

        Real-life doesn’t really work out that way. The wind usually blows a leaf straight into the nearest building or structure, and it just plops on the ground, lays around for a few weeks. The color turns into a soggy brown blur, staining the ground. After a while, everything “beautiful” about the leaves has left, deserting the world. The …junk remaining must be raked up and thrown away.

        Truthfully, it probably is better to “leave” it there (pun), but who would want to see mound upon mound of brown stuff lying all over the front yard? Unlike some houses and properties, my home has a few plants capable of dropping leaves on the front side. They include ten or so bushes which for some reason always save their leaves for last, the regular tree, and a giant cherry blossom (Why do we have a cherry blossom tree? Spring allergies do not agree with cherry blossom trees at all). With that, all said, the front yard actually wasn’t as bad as the latter years. Around the time of Thanksgiving, I take a few (not enough) days off school, and however little rest they give us, my mother and I usually clean up the front lawn. In years past, I gave up quite early, ending with sighs and complaints of sore arms and legs. This year, I finished through a much larger portion, but still left the leaves on the front lawn for the mother to pick up. For many reasons, this year was somewhat a significant milestone for my young lifeline, showing how I have grown. At the same time, I still do not have the endurance or the patience of raking all the leaves, symbolizing the room for improvement.

        As the sunset and the sky began to shed tears, I stared outside at the three large trash bags on the sidewalk. They were filled with the once beautiful, colorful leaves, now simple items that needed to be thrown away. The dry leaves crinkle up, falling away from the tree, which waits for next year, and the fresh start of spring.







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