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Lucerne the Dragon Mountain, CHE(瑞士卢塞恩─龙山之主)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年07月03日09:40:50 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话



【Aiden in English】

        Finally off the ship in Basel of Switzerland, I forgot the feeling of the smooth glide of the boat. Replaced by a bumpy, unpleasant bus ride to our next destination of Lucerne, I immediately missed the blissful form of travel provided on the Viking Kvasir. However, the transfer off the boat was slightly buffered through a long bus ride in which I took a good nap. I didn't miss the important section on the trip though. A trip to where?

        Lucerne is our final point on this European Expedition, and the most expensive. Switzerland, although small, has one of the highest QOL ratings in Europe. And the only cheaper you'll find in Switzerland is skiing. Being the eighth-largest city in Switzerland, Lucerne is the entire pre/post-extension of Viking Rhine Getaway. Because of Switzerland's unique spot in Europe, there are four national languages, each further represented with a certain level of culture. Italian, German, French, and Romansh (near-dead Latin dialect). Lucerne sees all four, ...mostly the first three, cultures combine with one another. Viking chooses Lucerne to demonstrate many cultures at once, as well as their blend together. Also, there randomly seems to be a lot of Chinese tourists around.

        Today was nothing more than an exploration of this beautiful city. Lucerne, situated at the foot of the Alps, holds many striking views of mountain peaks above the rooftops of half-timbered burgher houses. I can't say they're snowy since global warming has become a huge issue, regardless of those who don't believe so. The looming Mt. Pilatus and Mt. Rigi, ranging up to 1,800 meters/6,000 feet in height, can be seen anywhere in the city except seemingly out of our window in the Continental Park Hotel. Instead, a close-up courtyard apartments came into our sight. Speaking of which, apartments are really popular. People residing around Lucerne who typically rent or have bought apartments can live a proactive city life. Not good for tourists. During the evening, when the sun is setting and the temperature is just right, no one stays indoors. As a result, tourists and locals have tough competition. Luckily, we captured a lot of the major landmarks prior to the city rush hours.

        As you would expect, the floor of nearly all streets was made of cobble. Architecture wise, it seemed pretty much like a modernized city, simply a few years behind the metal and glass jungle of New York. Underground shopping malls and rows upon rows of top-notch Swiss watch sellers, attracting presumably all Chinese tourists, appeared to be any city in the world. But due to the shortened time, we extensively rushed through most of the city. Then what separates Lucerne from other places in the world?

        It all starts with the lake. The Reuss River ends in the Lucerne Lake right about two or three kilometers out of the city. The crystal-clear water brings along certain wild animals, particularly modest ducks and elegant swans. The more you get to know them, the more you realize that the ducks are the ones with elegant tempers, while swans are very aggressive. Following them were usually a bunch of Chinese folks, dumping mountains of bread, crackers, and a suspicious white powder into the lake, watching the swans bite at crumbs. Yet even with their close attention, they refused to read the sign that said 'Do not feed the swans', and it's specifically written only in Chinese. I don't understand their way of thinking at all. 

        When there's a river, there are bridges. In this case, when the water runs right along through the city, you can expect the bridges to be decorated fully. Well, at least one is. Unlike the Venetian canals, the Ruess River is too long for sophisticated design. But the Chapel Bridge from the Medieval Ages could compete with the level of decor I'm describing. Completely made from wood, it was built in 1333 and looks like a tunnel, enclosing those walking through it. Medieval paintings hung from support beams in the ceiling, providing entertainment if there was a traffic jam. However, no cars would come through, only pedestrians. That shows how much people walk overusing this bridge. Of course, being wooden, it, unfortunately, went through the fire in 1993, blackening some paintings that were hardly restored back to the original color. This is the more amicable tradeoff between that and losing the bridge.

        Behind the ruckus was the great alpine backdrop, straight out of a postcard. Who needs postcards when you can make hundreds with a hobby like mom? Essentially, we spent two hours looking for an ideal spot to take an ideal picture a bit outside of town. Ideally is not reality, but we came pretty close to the ideal. And although the Alps aren't as majestic as they could be in winter, they're still the Alps, which should give the postcards some value.









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