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New vs. Old Cruise, UK(英国─新旧游轮对比)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年05月23日09:09:43 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


New vs. Old Cruise0001.JPG

【Aiden in English】

        Today starts the final stretch of our journey. The cruise on the Regal Princess is over, but no worries. Our trip will continue to go across English Islets with Kirkwall on the Caribbean Princess. I've mentioned before that this ship was made in 2006, which, seemingly new, is quite old. While mom usually is planning and organized person, the transformation from one boat to the next is very different. 

        Being different is not always a good thing. The newest ship of the Princess fleet features a great variety of modern tech. From each room's smart TVs to the automatic doors at each exit, or the fashionable buttons on the elevators, you can't help noticing the terrible conditions the Caribbean seems to be in. Walking along the cabin corridors, the lighting was considerably dimmer. Not to sound like a kid, but the halls resembled the scary hotel horror movies, and the bobbing ship wasn't helping. 

        The second notable change would be the quality of the rooms. Probably the most major difference comes in the bathroom, but I won't talk about the features of a toilet seat. Going outside of private areas, the buffet also has a large change. In the Regal Princess, eating at the buffet allowed a huge selection, but the downside was the annoying, oily combined smell of literally every major food style in the world stuffed into a single room. Indian curry mixed with the smell of fried meat is quite an unsettling idea. This Caribbean has half the size, and still contains the same smell. And finally, the worst change of all comes in the worst spot where the basketball court is located on the ship. 

        On the Regal Princess, I never went to the teen's club. Not that it wasn't fun, but some events ... weren't really fun. It is so bland to have a fixed schedule with events that must occur, containing annoying consequences to uncooperative kids. It awfully feels like school, where petty things such as "no bragging" and "no potty-language" and "no budging" and "no trash-talking" and "ladies first" and "listen" and "one person talking at a time" and "no stating that you are better even though everyone knows that you are" actually matter. I'm sure most of you understand the feeling of having to do things with your "friends". 

        Bonds are more often formed on the court and competition, where people share a common goal of reaching the top. Plus, no one needs to know who's better than who since it can be easily proved. Back to my point, the court on the Caribbean has shrunk immensely. The Regal Princess has a near half-court sized area for basketball, and this ship has a quarter-court sized area. The floor is also a dull reddish-brown, cracked from the years of wear. The Regal has a nice, water-repellent surface, non-slippery gripping. 

        The balls still have a slightly sticky feel on the Caribbean as well, but that is all thrown out the window. These balls have a white dust coat, having nearly no grip, making any backspin or quick pull-up extremely difficult to perform. Movement is strictly limited in the sense of how a crossover can break yours and your opponent's ankles. With these conditions, most big men get an advantage. Then again, the small court means short shots, which means easy jump shots. 

        I guess that's how this cruise is going to be. I'll have to see the silver lining in every event to make it more exciting. The small court lets shots fall in more often. The buffet, however small, makes us eat less. And the bathroom... well, I'm still not going to talk about that.


        今天打响了我们暑期旅游下半部分第一枪,前一个“帝王·公主号”已完成使命,但不必担心, 后一个“加勒比海·公主号”马上带我们乘风破浪穿越英伦三岛直奔奥克尼群岛柯克沃尔。正如以前曾经说过,“加勒比海号”建造于2006年,表面上看起来挺新,实际上却很旧。通常妈妈主管出游企划,这回竟信手拈来两艘年头相去甚远的游轮。

        看来独到个色并非都是好事,最近下水的“帝王号”公主游轮拥有装备精良高新现代科技,不但每个房间配置智能电视,而且进出大门全用自动控制,就连电梯里的按钮也安得花里胡哨。相形之下,“加勒比海号” 简直老掉了牙,楼道灯光昏暗低迷,咱绝非以孩子口吻发牢骚,其主厅宛如恐怖电影里阴森可怕的旅馆,船身甲板也推波助澜上下忽悠。







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