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Suzhou—Venice of the East, China(苏州—东方的威尼斯)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年07月29日07:22:37 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


Quirks of Suzhou0001.JPG

【Aiden in English】

        Suzhou is full of quirks. What are quirks? Well, it's a characteristic that makes one tilt the head a bit. Suzhou is quite full of mentioned quirks. I am going to elaborate.

        I'd never in a hundred years think that Pennsylvania summertime would be 'cool'; but in the face of hell's kitchen, I feel like even my high school's fans would be of great appreciation. Walking around Southern China in the summertime is like putting an ice cream bar in a campfire -- the ice cream melts off and the stick ignites. I had a fan -- past tense because I lost it or it was stolen. While the slight breeze felt bliss, every time I stopped fanning, my face would scream for mercy. Much like an addict, my body would enter a sudden withdrawal phase. I would start itching my face and legs, doubling over in agony. 

        Sounds like an overstatement, but for much of the trip, I was followed by a horde of tiny mosquitos. I felt just like a celebrity, except instead of fans, it's a swarm of blood-sucking, annoying, noisy bugs that try to touch you -- so essentially fans. The tiny vampires feasted on my foreign blood specifically. I can only imagine the first customer running around to all his friends, whispering "Hey, did you get a taste of that new Philadelphian diner that came to town?" 

        As of writing this, the bite count totals to around seventeen. I've got red spots on my legs, hands, elbows, neck, and even in covered areas like my upper arm and thigh. According to my mother, tiny mosquitos can penetrate clothing. I find that hard to believe, and also very unfair. How is one supposed to swat away a mosquito without them even touching your body? A true annoyance.

        Speaking of annoyances, Chinese culture does not traditionally drink cold water. Now, this would be justified if the hot drinks arrived when needed, say in cold weather. But as previously mentioned, China is a raging fire. Once the ice cream bar begins burning, you don't toss boiling water on the ice cream in the hope to save the ice cream. Of course, China serves boiling water or tea for practical purposes too. Due to certain unsanitary aspects of water filtration, boiling water becomes an efficient method of processing. Yet Chinese folk find tons of other reasons to advertise hot water. For example, a slightly older Chinese person with an average education will say hot water helps metabolism, the skin, and relaxation. Then you ask for evidence, and they end up listing their favorite TV station. I suppose having hot water as the filtration method is better than alternatives. In Ancient Rome, kids would chug alcohol when thirsty because wine purified water. 

        These aspects pushed my buttons a bit, but after a while and getting bitten twenty times, I got used to them. Even still, there is no better feeling than returning to a cool room with air conditioning and grabbing ice water from the fridge.








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