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送交者: Pascal 2020年11月22日00:57:08 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话




  乔·拜登同志窃选 总操盘手 —— 



If only American elections were as free and fair as those in Belarus! This one ain’t over by a long chalk. TIPWNOI crowing is not the same thing as the Fat Lady singing. Joe Biden is not the President-Elect. Declaring yourself President is not the same as being declared President by the Electoral College. Very sadly this was the most corrupt presidential election in American history, beating 1960 into a cocked hat. I like the way that Jonathan Turley puts it – this may turn out to be a Rosie Ruiz election. (She was the late long-distance runner, you may recall, who declared herself the victor of the Boston Marathon in 1980 – she was a lot lonelier after it turned out that she only joined in at the end.)  

This column is slightly later than planned because of my behind the scenes role over the weekend, which included alerting the White House on Saturday night to the existence of a dossier which came in from Paris to MI6 HQ at Vauxhall Cross on Friday evening, confirming massive fraud. I believe it identifies B at CIA as the co-ordinator of the black CIA operation to give the election to Joe ‘Chinese’ Biden, who’s been on Peking’s payroll for several years. The CIA operation is being controlled from Frankfurt, of course.

針對此次美國大選舞弊,前英國大律師邁克爾•史林普頓(Michael Shrimpton)披露,早在11月6日,英國軍情六處MI6)就已接獲資料,證實本屆美國大選確實是一場竊選,由中央情報局(CIA)在德國法蘭克福操控,並且歐盟中共都知道這個「黑色行動」。

史林普頓的專欄文章發表在美國「今日退伍兵」(Veterans Today)網站上,標題是《這是一場盜竊》(It Was A Steal),文中揭露了11月3日大選日及之後發生的操縱投票事件。

這篇文章開篇以粗體字強調,「喬•拜登(Joe Biden)不是當選總統(President-Elect)。自己宣布是總統和被選舉團宣布是總統,這是不同的。非常可悲的是,這是美國歷史上最腐敗的總統選舉。」










Senior EU officials in Brussels were aware of the CIA plan to rig the election and contacted the British government before the election knowing that Biden would win. They were of course keen to bully us into accepting a trade deal favouring German exporters. Boris Johnson is thought to be in favor of appeasing Brussels, but his views, frankly, are almost irrelevant, given that he’s on the way out.

Peking are clearly in the loop. Their latest plan for mass-murder in the West was implemented prior to the election, in Denmark, where they have introduced a new strain of Covid in an attempt to outflank the Oxford University/AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

That was an Act of War of course, involving a Weapon of Mass Destruction, justifying strategic thermonuclear retaliation, but Denmark is a non-nuclear state. Her people, sadly, are fair game for a WMD-equipped aggressor such as the People’s Republic of China, a communist dictatorship far more vicious than the old Soviet Union, who were quite cuddly in comparison.

Peking would never have dared to escalate its WMD campaign against the West if they thought that America would continue to have a strong leader after January 20th. Although Denmark is a valued member of NATO the election of a Chinese asset as POTUS, if confirmed, would inevitably lead to UK withdrawal from NATO and the commencement of NATO disintegration. NATO’s non-response to the Chinese attack on the Kingdom of Denmark signals that NATO is on the verge of collapse.

The slightly obscure reference in President Trump’s tweet at 0956 Eastern Standard Time yesterday is I suspect a reference to a friend of mine working on the UK end of the operation to expose the election fraud. I’ve reached out to that nice man Rudy Giuliani. Once he’s seen the dossier it’s probably game over.

The recounts

As Dick Morris rightly pointed over the weekend the Democrats are vulnerable to recounts in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada, more than enough for the President to overtake Biden, bearing in mind that the President is likely to win in Alaska and North Carolina. Many of the mail-in ballots are junk and are far more likely to be ruled out on a recount.

Thanks to the President’s courage and leadership in not allowing himself to be railroaded the Republican Party is now alive to the possibility of fraud. Moreover legal actions, particularly in corrupt Pennsylvania, have meant that observers will have to be allowed in to monitor the recounts.

With respect the President is right to point out that the most logical reason for shutting Republican observers out of counts in Pennsylvania and Michigan is that the count was being rigged in favour of the Democrats. No offense intended, but they are the most corrupt political party in the Western world, with a bent leader verging on senility.

I know that President Nixon was slightly bent, with respect, but even he never took Chinese cash, let alone Ukrainian! By the way, should Biden be sworn in I hope that the boys in the Pentagon will have additional checks and balances in place to cope with the oldest man to be elected President and the first occupant of the White House in the nuclear age to be suffering from advancing senility.

15 ways to rig an election

There seem to me to be 15 main ways in which to rig a general election:

(1)    Ballot insertion. The CIA are believed to have printed off about 3.75 million watermarked ballots, although Homeland Security, possibly alerted by a spike in demand for watermarked paper, apparently retaliated in August by inserting an additional security feature. (It looks as though the CIA have been caught out by this and most if not all of the fake ballots are now vulnerable, another reason, maybe, why observers had to be kept at a distance in defiance of state electoral laws.) If you have access to people’s voting records, as the CIA does, you can easily work out who the regular non-voters are. The result is an artificially high ‘voter’ turnout, as appears to have happened. I calculate that Biden’s popular ‘vote’ was inflated by at least 2.5 million non-voters. Ballot insertion appears to have taken place mainly at night in swing states after human counters were sent home.

(2)    Destruction of ballots likely to favor a particular candidate – in this election, for example, tens of thousands of military ballots appear to have gone walkies, something I understand that the Pentagon are taking a close look at.

(3)    Theft of ballots. There is eyewitness evidence that requested ballots have not arrived and that people have found that ‘they’ have already voted. US mailboxes tend to be vulnerable to the theft of mail – once you know that ballots are expected in a particular area you just follow the nice man or woman from the Postal Service and nick the ballots once they’re out of sight.

(4)    Voting by illegal aliens. This appears to have been a particular issue in Arizona and Nevada. Joe Biden talked about “the people” having spoken but didn’t explain that he was referring to the people of Guatemala and Mexico as well as the US.

(5)    Voter impersonation.

(6)    Vote harvesting of mail-in ballots, where one person fills in ballots for a family or group.

(7)    Voter intimidation – not much sign of that this time, but it was scarcely needed since the ballots were so easy to steal or duplicate.

(8)    Bribery. Plenty of that in this race – 50$ Walmart vouchers to senile old folks, for example, by which I mean even more senile than Joe Biden, no offense intended. Walmart should be approached by the Republican Party to report on any unusual uptake on vouchers, which would have been purchased before the election. Not sure why Walmart, but their prices are very reasonable and $50 goes a long way at a Walmart, plus their staff are so pleasant and helpful.

(9)    Software manipulation of electronic voting machines. This appears to be a particular issue with voting machines manufactured by Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems (thanks, general, for tipping me off about that!). Dominion appear to have been penetrated by the CIA. This may be a particular issue in Michigan, where all DVS votes should be hand-checked in a court-ordered recount. The inserted software is designed to switch Trump/Pence votes into Biden/Harris votes. Neat, until you’re caught. I am seeing reporting that one system used was Scytl, with the servers based in Frankfurt Germany, home to the Correa/COREA Group, which ultimately controls the CIA. (I have a heard a whisper that the boys at the Pentagon have seized the servers – the dismissal of Defense Secretary Mark Esper may be linked in.)

(10)   Filling-in of invalid ballots by corrupt Democrat election workers, one of whom was caught on video, casually watched by an equally corrupt security guard. Of course it is possible to have corrupt Republicans as well, not least in Massachusetts, but generally speaking Republicans are nice, law-abiding people whereas Democrats tend to be half-crazed global warming nutters, no offense intended, like Senator Coons, who think that Biden is going to save the planet, presumably by moving it into a deeper orbit.

(11)  Double-voting, usually where a person mails in a ballot and then turns up on election day. Again this is not something that we would expect Republicans to do, except in Massachusetts.

(12)  Crossing state lines to vote in a swing state. I’m told this is a particularly popular pastime for Democrats living in Massachusetts near the state line with New Hampshire. Of course you have to register in New Hampshire with a fake address, but no-one ever checks the address.

(13)  Moving out of a swing state into a non-swing state without re-registering. This seems to be a particular problem in Clark County Nevada, which contains Las Vegas. The expression ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ is meant to apply to illicit nooky, not voting in a federal election.

(14)  Counting of late votes, that is to say votes which were posted after polling day. This appears to be a particular issue in Pennsylvania, to the point where state election officials wilfully defied a court order to segregate late-arriving voters, and

(15)   Dead voters, that is to say voters who were lawfully registered but died before polling commenced. Again Joe Biden neglected to mention in his victory speech, the most premature announcement of victory since the Chicago Daily Tribune proclaimed Governor Dewey, a.k.a ‘Dodgy Dewey’, as the winner of the 1948 presidential election, that some of the voters who ‘voted’ for him were dead. I don’t mean brain-dead in the Senator Coons sense, no offense intended, but actually dead, as in snuffed it.

There are no doubt a few other ways in which to rig a presidential election, but I’ve highlighted the main ones, I think. Apart from voter coercion all were in play in this election.

What happens now?

The simplest thing would be for President Trump to recognize Russia’s perfectly proper annexation of the Crimea and for Russia and Belarus to declare war on the Ukraine, using the false Ukrainian allegation against Russia over the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 as casus belli. I understand that ground conditions in the northern and western Ukraine are still good enough for offensive operations by large scale armored formations.

A short war with the Ukraine (I don’t believe that any Ukrainian armored formation would remain operational after 14 days of intensive air/land warfare with Russia and Belarus) would also allow Belarus to sort out its Soros-backed opposition. Any demonstrators not called up could usefully be shot, nicely of course, a lot easier with martial law in force.

The intelligence yield from the occupation of Kiev should be enough to indict both Joe and Hunter Biden, expose the Ukraine’s and China’s role in the MH17 shoot-down and justify Belarus in requesting the rendition from Hungary of George Soros, who seems to have been stirring it in Minsk, not to mention Michigan. The KGB are very efficient at interrogation, with respect, and Soros should soon crack, with the use of lawful enhanced interrogation techniques, lawful in Belarus that it, where they take a sensible approach to human rights.

The US could then recognize Russian annexation of the rump of Ukraine. This would boost Russian grain and industrial production, upset the Germans (never a bad idea) and go down well with nice Mr Pooters in Moscow. It would also secure Russia’s south-west frontier and Belarus’s southern frontier and would move the Russian Army into a favorable launch position for a crossing of Poland (hopefully unopposed) should an invasion of Germany become necessary. It would also mean a lot of dead Ukrainians, which would annoy Jerry, as well as upsetting the Ukrainians of course.

I say nothing against the Ukrainians. I’ve met a lot of nice Ukrainians in my time, including an SA-2 battery commander who confirmed to me that the early versions of the SA-2 could not reach a U-2’s typical operating altitude of Flight Level 750 (75,000 feet). That helped explain the Powers ‘shoot-down’ of course (he was ordered to descend to FL 480 and by agreement the missiles were exploded about FL450, blowing off his stabilizer).

Hopefully the recounts will strip out the dodgy ballots in key swing states, but if not the courts will have to step in. I can see the Supreme Court, which now has a sensible majority with respect, ordering a re-run of the entire election. The fraud has been on such a scale that it’s not going to be easy to separate the legal ballots from the illegal.

The Democrats might like to bear in mind that the framers of the US Constitution believed in good faith, even Benjamin Franklin. George Washington couldn’t even lie about chopping down cherry trees, never mind presidential elections. The election clauses assume good faith. We lawyers have a saying – ‘bad faith unravels everything’.

If an election has been run fraudulently then arguably the inauguration timetable ceases to apply unless and until a president has been elected, like Donald Trump in 2016, by lawful and honest means. I’ll be copying that nice man Rudy Giuliani in on this article! (It seems we have a mutual friend.)

If Biden ends up being confirmed as President all hell is going to break loose. He’s arguably even more anti-British than Barack ‘von’ Obama and apparently wants to see us crushed once more under the heel of the European jackboot. Good luck with that!

Boris will probably be a caretaker PM by the inauguration. The new British PM is likely to be stronger and more sensible and will probably withdraw the UK from NATO. Clearly the security guarantees in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty wouldn’t be worth the paper they’re printed on with a Biden presidency, even if he only lasts a year before increasing senility forces the use of the 25th Amendment.

US foreign policy would be determined in Peking – the boys like to get their money’s worth, indeed I gather that they’re none too happy now that the election rigging operation has been blown wide open. The operation in Frankfurt must have come as a shock – they may not have known that I briefed in Andy Marshall at the Pentagon years ago on the Correa/COREA Group. There’s no way that Biden or Harris would ever agree to a free trade treaty.

The CIA station at RAF Mildenhall would have to go, along with US bases in Britain. We would need to pivot towards our gallant wartime ally Russia. We would probably also recognise Taiwan and pull out of the Good Friday Agreement, which would really annoy Biden.

Naturally as part of a deal with President Putin we would recognise Russia’s perfectly proper annexation of the Ukraine and offer to commit ground troops to fight Islamic terrorists in Chechnya alongside Russian forces. The British and Russian armed forces got along well in World War II, indeed that nice man Bomber Harris had an excellent relationship with Marshal Zhukov, both being great Hun-killers.


Clearly the states need to do a lot of work to clean up their acts. The President is right, with respect – America’s reputation and moral authority have suffered with this rigged election. And to think that the State Department have been whining on about the recent election in Belarus, which by comparison was a model of fairness and transparency.

The states might also like to converge their rules, for example on recounts. Wisconsin’s rule seem a model to follow with respect. The multiplicity of voting systems doesn’t help, nor does having voting machines made by companies connected with senior Democrats.

Counts also need to be speeded up! Sending counters home in the middle of a count is crazy and also makes depositing fake ballots easier. Georgia, for example, where the CIA are planning to rig the run-off elections for the Senate, is pitifully slow. The count there doesn’t seem to have been any speedier than the count in 1948.


It’s not just the Republicans who can litigate over the result. A lot of bets were placed on the outcome, including by me as it happens. I shall be asking for my stake back on the basis that the election was rigged.

I bet on the Trump/Pence ticket. No betting company should be obliged to pay out on the Biden/Harris ticket as the win was obtained by fraud, in the same way that you don’t pay out on a race if the winning horse has been doped. The main difference between a fixed race and this election of course is that with a fixed race you dope the horse whereas with this fixed election the dope won, no offense intended.

Eddie Glaude

Eddie Glaude is a crackpot professor at Princeton, if that’s not a tautology with respect, who thinks that President Trump is a racist. He also thinks that the Republican Party appeals to voters’ ‘selfishness’, which is absurd.

As I have observed before, President Trump is no more a racist than Oprah Winfrey. I shall of course be sending Professor Glaude a copy of these remarks as a courtesy.

Best joke of the election, apart that is from Joe Biden

The prize for the best joke of the election has to go to this week’s presenter of the BBC’s Have I Got News For You, Richard Ayoade. He suggested that Joe Biden’s top three priorities if elected would be (1) getting America out of Vietnam (2) making peace with the Confederacy and (3) beating the Soviets to the Moon.



Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton was a barrister from his call to the Bar in London in 1983 until being disbarred in 2019 over a fraudulently obtained conviction. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies at the American Military University.

Read Michael Shrimptons’ Full Complete Bio >>>









        你永远会记得 整整57年之前的今日 —— 

        1963年11月22日星期五 —— 


        遇刺身亡那一瞬间 你当时在哪里 正在做什么

Came home after half day of Kindergarten and discovered that my sixth birthday party was canceled, and everyone was crying…

— Russell Martin


家里所有人都在伤心哭泣 ......
I was 18 months old. My mom talks about me crying because she was. I had no clue.

— Cindy York Pursley


Came home from school for lunch, turned on the TV – then I remember coming out and telling my father “someone’s been shot – they say they are giving him blood transfusions” – I was 11 and I remember it so clearly.

— Heather Anne

Watching TV and folding my youngest’s diapers when Walter Cronkite broke in to announce the news of JFK’s death.

— Jeanette Tito


I was a sophomore in French class at a Catholic HS in NJ. It left me numb for days.

— Dorothea Petrosky

I was in chorus class. We heard the school principal announce over the intercom that President Kennedy was shot and was dead. We spent the entire class period in silence and shock.

— Joanne Setzer

I remember I couldn’t watch my favorite cartoon shows because every channel was covering the tragedy.

— Rolfe Eric Tikkala

I was a 20-year-old marine stationed in Japan and got the news about 0500 when awakened by another marine crying in the bunk next to me.

— Jim Roberts

I was three, my mother was crying, asked why and she told me the President was killed, I asked… “What’s a President?”

— Dann Marceau

Was in 6th-grade class (Mrs. Harbison). The principal came on the speaker & told us to put our ‘books and pencils’ away. Elsberry, Missouri.

— Linda Elaine Stamper-Foss


Commuters reading of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 


I was in the principal’s office and his secretary told me to tell my second grade teacher that the president had been shot. I told Mrs. Smith but she didn’t believe me.. On the bus going home adults were crying openly and I’d never seen that before.

— Gayle Black

Dismissed from school as a 2nd grader, I came home to tell my mom that the President had been shot and she didn’t believe me. We went upstairs to turn on the B/W television and hear the news…

— Rudy Nyhoff

I had been curbside for the parade and was able to smile and wave at the President as his car passed by. I was inside a nearby 5&10 about 20 minutes later, when a woman came in crying and screaming “the President’s been shot.” We raced to the street and my most horrifying memory is the sound of hundreds of police sirens coming from every direction in that canyon of tall buildings. It was so frightening and so very, very sad.

— Dianne Taylor

I was 10 years old living in Kaiserslautern, West Germany. We received the news about the assassination of President Kennedy that evening. We were watching the American TV channel out of Ramstein Air Force Base. My father was with the U.S. Army 11th Calvary, at the time. He called his company commander and was told to report to his mechanized unit. He then told my sister and me to put on our long johns and lay out our winter clothes on the bed. My mother put a small suitcase by the entry door, just in case we had to evacuate. We didn’t know if the assassination was a prelude to war. I remember watching out the window that cold winter night and seeing the other soldiers starting their cars and driving to their units.

— Ralph Rodriguez

I was in my classroom in Jr. High School. The teacher stopped the lesson and told us she had just gotten an announcement from the school office that she had to share with us. I will always remember that moment that changed our country and took away my innocence about the world… Next class was gym class. But we didn’t get changed for gym. We just stood in the locker room and cried.

— Janet Shapiro





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