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College Process in 2020-2021 (2020-2021年申学过程)
送交者: 儿歌荟萃 2021年04月07日09:30:37 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话

Ivy Day 2021-04-08

【Aiden in English】

Let’s get the big one off the table first: I’m going to New York University (NYU) to study business at Stern. Was it my first choice? No. Is my future bright? Yes. Is it a good school and opportunity? Absolutely. Am I excited? 

        Not really. Let me explain.

Since elementary school, most well-off middle-class Chinese-Americans are branded with one singular goal: make their way to an Ivy League school. A “Why?” question is normally immediately rejected. The concept is synonymous with breathing: you just do it. 

        So when I received my Early Decision II result from NYU, I barely even flinched. In fact, I had completely missed the ED II release date and found out later that night during a video game session from my mother (to whom I asked to leave the room because the match went into overtime).

        But why did I lack any excitement? New York City very well could be considered the most exciting place in America. The sleepless city holds the most opportunity for business on the east coast. Stern School of Business year-after-year ranks within the top five undergraduate business programs in America.

        The ghost of the Ivy League hovers over my fingers as I type these very words. In a sense, I have failed the simplest of goals. While I constantly tell myself that NYU’s business school outranks many Ivy League options, that nagging thought at the back of my mind nibbles away every second.

        So what is the message out of all this? In some weird, twisted sense, I feel obligated to warn upcoming students of this pitfall. If I were placed in front of a high school freshman, the first thing I would tell him or her would be that stress is good- just don’t stress about stress. Pressure is a crucial part of academic success. Without it, I, with many of my classmates, would probably be staring at a failing grade in each course. However, it’s vital that students do not compound more anxiety and pressure than necessary. The Yerkes-Dodson Law states that with most activities, extreme arousal results in poor performance, and in more difficult tasks, it’s actually better to be only slightly stressed rather than a nervous wreck. 

        As a teacher of youngsters, I’ve dealt with many parents pursuing the Ivy League child dream. To those parents who try to force their average children up into the top echelon of education, understand that laws of averages will eventually balance a student into the level they deserve to be in (I’m not telling you, parents, to stop pushing your kids, but just be reasonable when they run into competition too difficult for them). Excess pressure often may backfire, especially with the increasing difficulty of coursework. Even though my journey took me to an unexpected location, I sit here now, perhaps not as excited as I would’ve been for a Wharton acceptance, but satisfied.

        You’re going to get to the place you were meant to be. 











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