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New Hope, PA(宾州新希望镇)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年06月05日09:00:36 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


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【Aiden in English】

        New Hope sits on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River, where literally anyone can see, across the river, the rival New Jersey.

        It was at this Delaware River where many people believe the turning point of the civil war occurred. On a freezing day in one of coldest winters in American history, Washington led the Continental Army across the river into Pennsylvania to ambush a group of German mercenaries. I find this funny how nowadays, we just use automobiles to drive across a bridge, while Washington had to have small boats and freezing water sprayed in his face to cross Delaware. From that point, he made a trek from the German camp to Valley Forge, where he stayed the rest of the winter shelter. The soldiers trained under harsh conditions and the Continental Army in the spring turned the war. As the story goes, I realize it quite coincidental how the small town on the bank of the river is called New Hope. Or perhaps it was intended to be called this name.

        The small town is supposed to be an extremely rich town, with a great school system, and an easy route across the state border. Not that it matters with Trump at his presidency, all borders may as well be “walled” off from each other. I will say, the Great Wall of America is probably not going to happen. But the layout has already been laid down on East Bridge Street, the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge with a line dividing the two neighboring states. The tourists crowded around the line, hopping from one side to the other. I sniff this quite odd how most people parked on the New Jersey side, walked across the bridge and found themselves in New Hope on the Pennsylvanian side. Nevertheless, the two states I’ve lived my life in, joining together.

        New Hope’s small center is quite…cute. Not going to lie, there isn’t much around. Unlike towns such as Lansdale, the downtown, although containing shops, doesn’t seem to be very large. On the flip side, there seems to be an overly large amount of folks who want to loiter between shops on the streets. I understand most of them who come here are just to exercise or see the shops, but I could’ve been fooled. Above all, the atmosphere of the town is amazing, with families strolling through the streets. The futuristic scene along the river, mixed with overarching childish laughter, the town was illuminated with spirit. Frankly speaking, things may grow very grim in the coming winter when all the color gets sucked out of nature, so I really think this would be a great time of year to see New Hope.

        Down at the center, the one booming business was Starbucks. Dad and I stopped to warm up and take a break. Maybe this shows the coming season, as winter is approaching.








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