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Holiday Gathering(节日团聚)
送交者: 天边的红霞 2020年06月06日08:40:01 于 [五 味 斋] 发送悄悄话


【Aiden in English】

        Guanghua Chinese Association is a registered non-profit organization in PA. Not long ago, it began to establish the Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center (GPCCC) in promoting rural community across cultural dynamics. It became a large project that involved house hunting, renting, and refurbishing a building, and it just recently has opened to the public. In addition to Guanghua Chinese School (GHCS), the association allows GPCCC to express the wonders of the Chinese culture, involving year-long programs and activities like table tennis, Chinese folk dancing, traditional musicals, adult entertainment, etc.

        But not only limited to these activities, but it also means that GPCCC is settled down in its own home. Therefore, the team of GHCS that got so much involved with the project hosted a holiday party over at the facility, which was so awesome. The center was initially built for an individual or family, which indicates it was simply a giant mansion. Granted, most rooms seemed like spacious offices and were set up for learning environments, but the atmosphere was really relaxing and laid back in comparison to the classrooms. As I took my first impressions, it felt as if I was at my own home. Sitting down on the sofa, the room looked like my TV room, just except without a TV. Hearing my mom’s friends begin to chat occasionally, I immediately understood how this was going to be one of those, “kids go away” parties, where the parents just randomly match up groups of children like herds of sheep, desperately wanting us gone.

        Unfortunately for me, most of the children and teens suddenly decided not to accompany their parents, and disappointingly little entertainment was available. Later on, a single high school comrade approached after being dragged along by his mother as well, but we had fun and somewhat passed time.

        As I said before, there were many activities being held. Dancing, singing, and other cultural aspects were all taking place at this center, and the objective is the spread to Chinese culture to those who may not have started or experienced in-depth with the way of life. Walking around, nearly every decoration, every sign, every room of the house, had something linked to the Chinese culture. Whether if it was the iconic colors of the walls, the beautiful picture on the table, or the artistic decoration in the display, everything smelled of Chinese, which obviously included food, since what was a party without food. Oddly enough, to every kid at the party (3 in total), the most interesting was food. Without going into much detail, I will say that the exotic food cooked in fancy styles absolutely met and surpassed expectations.

        Before coming to see the center, I have to admit that my thoughts had not even begun to imagine how expensive the cultural center became. It nearly mirrored the second school of sorts. Of course here, there is no limiting of cultures, just a pure taste of China.








The Party of Electronics(电子游戏聚会)

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