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Why I refute the likes of Wyat
送交者: mean 2010年06月15日09:11:38 于 [彩虹之约] 发送悄悄话
Because his is the kind of people who HURT, rather help, the credibility of the Christian cause. Like sheep, certain naive Christians are willing to believe any and every foolishness fed to them, follow and even fund such frauds at every turn, perpetuating their lies and deceit.

That is what gets me so fed up. What did Christ tell us? "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them." Yet year after year, Christians willingly follow false miracle workers, false archeologists, false teachers, whose biggest goal is their life is Mammon. And Mammon they get.

Ron Wyatt is a well known fraud (see this personal account at http://ldolphin.org/wyatt1.html), his discoveries well proven hoax, and here comrade Zhang is still asking me for proof. In 1992, Creation Ministries International (a Creationist ministry) thoroughly investigated Noah's ark (http://creation.com/special-report-amazing-ark-expose), and what did they find? Nothing.

alleged Noah's Ark... right... ark...

Then, after Ron's death from cancer in 1999, the leadership of the Wyatt Archeological Research or WAR (i.e. those who build their career on Wyatt's "discoveries".) attempted to substantiate Ron's testimony regarding his discovery of the Ark. Several attempts were made in 2005 and 2006 to excavate the cross hole area and find the chamber with the Ark. While they found the crack photographed by Wyatt, it appears in the process of doing the excavation, that they destroyed the cross hole and plugged up the crack. Subsequently pouring water over the top of the crack simply caused the water to run down their excavation channel. They also found mollusks (snail-like animal shells) and the dark substance the mollusks emit (Chitin) and concluded that what Ron Wyatt saw and gathered was this Chitin (my note: NOT blood).

So why was I asked for proof after 1999, when no one but WAR even cares about Ron Wyatt anymore? Because Jonathan Gray, someone who makes a living selling his "discoveries" of ancient super-civilizations and "conspiracies" of modern age, said that he verified Wyatt's account. Remember the death of "Holy Blood Holy Grail" and its resurrection in "Da Vinci Code"?

Here we have, an "archeologist" who, according to one of his speeches, mistakenly placed Egyptian civilization and Maya civilization (rudimentary culture from 2000 BC on but in all seriousness, 250 AD) in the same era of 3000 BC. Hello? Do we even need proof against his credibility or lack thereof? If it doesn't, please this passage:

There is a Jonathan Gray video purporting to show these on the bottom of the Red Sea. In one part, Gray claims that a ‘British Admiralty chart’ he is holding shows a ‘sand bridge’ with great depths either side.

The hydrographic office of the UK Ministry of Defense is, by international agreement, the authority for charting the Red Sea. A Mrs M. H. sent them the video; they wrote back to her that:
* Gray’s chart could be positively identified on blowups as United States chart no. 62020.
* ‘Contrary to Mr Gray’s statement, the “sand bridge” is not now, and never has been, a recognizable feature on British Admiralty Charts. Nor is it recognizable on the U.S. chart held by Mr Gray.’
* Gray’s comments about the ‘great depths’ also mislead.
* The naturally lit video footage of the sea floor could not possibly have been filmed anywhere near the spot claimed by Gray, as insufficient light would penetrate at that depth.

Subsequently, Gray published a second letter from the same office, claiming it vindicated his claims of a ‘sand bridge.’ However, when we checked with them, they wrote that their comments had been ‘seriously edited,’ with ‘selected parts’ shown under their letterhead. The full letter, which they sent us, ‘does not confirm the existence of a “sand bridge.”’

Need I say more?
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