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送交者: 中国觉醒人士 2013年11月08日12:22:16 于 [史地人物] 发送悄悄话


民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓   刘蔚     2013118

Wei Liu: Water-ColorPaintsChongqing
Life in 

China 1.23

People/Awakened People/Common People  Wei
Liu November 8, 



Chongqing,China, 1977 and I’m 7 years old. Today in Wan’s
home, a new program starts. I don’t need to draw the stationary plaster any
more. Wan lets me do the water-color painting. Oh, I love color. Before I go to
the color part, I need to delineate the outline. I don’t look at anything, but
draw the outline by imagination.

    如果你还想你或你亲友每人拿回土地,住房,医疗,拿回包括公民税率,政府各方面开支等社会事务的表决权这些民主人权,你最好读完这篇长文。你可以从Google translate/谷歌翻译听文章的朗读。你可告诉你外国朋友/老师我写的英文。更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。从2007年到20138月,我博客的显示点击量已达200万,而按博讯说的各博客的实际点击量是显示点击量的10倍以上,那我博客的实际点击量到20138月已达2000万。我们的文字是对中国民众说的,是我们认为真实的情况,欢迎各位,各媒体.转载,传播。一个人给5个以上人讲我们《伟大的中国全民大革命》中的1项国际公约,2项活动主张,4项基本人权,8项优秀活动,及本县/市政权楼等几个地址,民众兵器弹弓枪等起义事宜,壮大进步力量,救自己,救别人,救中国。

        If you want
you or your friends in this life get back the human rights of half an acre
land, welfares of housing, medical care, the voting rights on the tax rate and
the government budget, you’d better read through this long essay. Google translate
can read text aloud for you. If you have foreign friends/teachers, you may tell
them to read the English part of my essay. More articles of mine can be seen my
blog at “boxun”, my name Wei Liu/刘蔚
is at the bottom of the homepage. From 2007 to 2013, my blog has 2 million
displayed visits, and the website says that the actual visits is 10 times as
the displayed visits. Then the actual visits of my blog is 20 million visits.
What we say here we hold is true and is for 1.3 billion Chinese people. Every
one is welcomed to publish, to spread our words, one person tells 5 or more
persons, expanding the democratic strength, to save yourself, your friends and
our country.


What I draw is the
parachute tower below my home, which is the First Workers’ Hospital,
Chongqingis a
mountain city and the hospital is on a hill top about 40 meters high. It is
said that the parachute tower is used to train the militia. The parachute tower
looks 60 meter high, with 3 long arms extending out from its center, and 3
parachutes at the end of the arms. The arm looks also 60 meters long. Both the
parachute town and the sand on the ground appear grayish brown.


I’ve seen the scene
when the parachute tower is in use. The 3 parachutes from the 3 arms of the
tower descend down from the air 60 meters above, and 3 persons in uniform stand
on the sand, waiting. When the parachute descends to 1 meter away from the
ground, it stops. Then the 3 people tie the ropes from the parachute to their
body, and hold tight the ropes of the parachute with their arms. Then the
parachutes with their bodies ascend slowly in the air and finally they reach
the terminal of the long arms of the parachute tower. For 1 minute, their body
stops in the air 60 meters above the ground. “Pa”, the terminal frame of the
long arm of the parachute tower releases the parachutes, which is descending
with the bodies. It’s not very fast nor very slowly. The several bodies are
going to hit the ground and the exciting moment comes. One body keeps its
balance when touching the ground, still standing. The other two bodies stumble
and sit or lie on the sand. I imagine some sand has entered their mouth.


Unlike before that I
use pencil to delineate the outline, now I use the brush with carbon ink to
directly draw on the rice paper. Chinese painting use carbon ink instead of
pigment ink. The rice paper is called Xuan Paper, meaning it is made inXuan City,Anhui
Province. InChina,
Hu Brush, Hui Carbon Ink, Xuan Paper and Duan Ink Stand are called the
Four-Treasure for writing or painting. As for whether the rice paper I use is
fromXuan City,AnhuiProvince, I don’t know.


I’m painting on the
rice paper and the carbon ink is permeating on the paper. Oh, that is no good,
the ink is too dense. I take the brush, rinsing it in the glass water bottle
and dip less carbon ink on it. This time it permeates less. Finally, the
difficult part of delineating the outline is over. Looking at it, I feel it is
like Chinese painting, black and white. Usually Chinese painting seldom uses color.


Now my favorite part
comes—painting the works with color. I don’t use the color pencil any more, but
use the palette to color it. The center of the palette is a concaved down
circle and around it is 8 concaved down circles, with little walls to separate
them. On the table, there are 6 pigment tubes. They all look pleasant: light
green, red, brown, yellow, white and blue. How do I choose the color for the
parachute and the sand below it? I imagine it can be the mixture of yellow and
brown. I squeeze the pigment of the 2 colors on one circle of the palette. Then
I use the brush to mix them and the new color comes into being: light brown. Then
I use a clean brush, dip some water on it, squeeze some water out of it over a
cup. Then I use the dipped brush to dip into the light brown pigment. Now, my
brush is ready for painting. I start to use it to color the parachute tower on
the rice paper. Some places look so dense. I add more water to the brush and
then try again. This time it looks more like the color of the parachute tower
and the sand. This is the water-color. The knack is not to let the pigment
dissolve as thin as liquid, and meanwhile the pigment needs to dissolve to
substantial extent. It is still solid, kind of like liquid, but more like



The end of “WaterColorPaintsChongqing
Life inChina


My Life inChina Book One: From Birth to the Graduation of
the Elementary School

to be continued


公友/觉醒人士/民主人士/普通百姓      刘蔚         2013113日更新

Wei Liu:China
Revolution: The Grand All-People Revolution inChina

Human Rights Worker/Awakened People/Democratic
People/Common People

Wei Liu     November
3, 2013 Renewed



Originated from the western Marxism, the Chinese Communist
regime has been robbing the 1.3 billion Chinese people of the land, the 4
living welfares of housing, food, education and medical care, and has been
throwing our nation in the battlefields of war, the Cultural Revolution, the
Entrance Examination to College, the endless material production and the
endless pollution, one battlefield after another since 1949. Since 2000, the
living expenses of housing, food, education and medical care for a person’s
life time is about 1.6+0.7+0.1+0.1=2.5 million yuan, about 600,000U. S.dollars.
Since 2000, the average income inChinais about 10,000 yuan per
year. One works 30 years for a lifetime and just makes 300,000 yuan, about
50,000 U. S. dollars in a lifetime. This means even one works 8 lifetimes and
still cannot make enough income to cover the living expenses for 1 lifetime.
Over 98% of adults inChina
cannot solve by himself/herself one or more items of the 4 basic livings,
floundering at the verge of death. Many people cried and many committed


Meanwhile, any production and disposal of the
material/wealth will definitely consume the energy like electricity, and emit
the solid, liquid or gas waste, warming and degenerating the environment. To
produce 1 kilogram of beef needs to consume 32 tons of water. Since 2000, the
precipitation inNorth Chinahas reduced from
800 millimeter in the 1980s to 400 millimeter per year, which is that of the
semi-desert climate. Before the Communist took power in 1949, there were over
80 rivers inBeijing
area, but after 2000 they all disappeared. The drought and warming inChina
are getting worse and worse. Since 2000, living 1 day in the city inChina
is equal to having 1 pack of cigarette. Over 70% of the water is heavily
polluted. The water table inNorth Chinanow
has declined to about 50 meters, but before 1949 it was 5 meters, which means
if you drill a well till 5 meters deep, you should see the water. Since 2000,
about 25% of the soil inChina
contains too much heavy metal and the food it produces is poisonous. People see
the debacle in the environment inChina. Since 2000, every year 2
million people committed suicide and 600,000 people died from environmental
pollution. In the thousands of the history inChina, every one has over 2 acres
of land for living, enjoying a life without any worry for material living, and
has created the brilliant Chinese culture. In the recent decades, the high
Communist officials call all the different opinions as rumor-making. Rumor-making
should only apply to one viewing a thing one way, but intentionally talking
about it in another way. If a person truly believes some information,
regardless whether the information is true or false, it is not rumor-making. We
mean anyone of the 1.3 billion Chinese may express our opinion freely once we
truly believe it.


        When can 1.3 billion Chinese
people have our own house, our own medical care? When can we Chinese people
free from the 100 degrees heat waves and the pollution? When can we have enough
time for chess, mahjong, classics books and other good things that give
happiness to ourselves and other people? The solution is to build up a fair,
democratic new world, including a fair, democratic newChina. Any human is entitled to the
4 Fundamental Human Rights including the land right, the welfare right, the
decision-making right and the cash right. For the 4 Fundamental Human Rights,
we are willing to have a universal vote and reckon that the pros will be more
than the cons. So we bring them forward in the following.


1.   The Land Right: Every person reaching 18
years old is entitled to have about    

      half an acre of land given by God for
him/her to live, which let any person   

      build their house and plant crops for
food. The land does not pass down to    

      one’s children when one dies, but return
to the people-elected government    

      for other people to have who reaching 18
years old later. One person, one  



  1. The Welfare Right: Any
         government that has used the land given by God for people to live has the
         responsibility to give every person the 4 living welfares of housing,
         food, education and medical care, one person, one portion. If one has
         solved it by oneself, then one does not get that kind of welfare from the
         government any more.

  1. 表决权:法律,政策,如企业税率,政府预算分配比例,全国应有多少万军队,学生一天上多少节课,应由民众一人一票表决,决定是否实行。不要再谈什么社会主义,资本主义,左派,右派,人类只该有一个主义/派别,就是全民一人一票决定国家的法律,政策。不愿意13亿民众有决定权的人绝不会是真正的爱国者。实践本身不会说话,经历了实践的民众一人一票的表决才是检验真理的唯一标准。

  1. The Decision-Making Right:
         All the laws and policies like the tax rate, the government budget, how
         many divisions the armed force should have, how many classes the student
         should have a day, should be all decided by people’s vote, one person, one
         ballot, to decide whether to enact. Don’t talk about socialism,
         capitalism, left or right any more. Mankind should have only one doctrine.
         That is all people decide the law and policy of a country by our universal
         vote.  Anyone who is unwilling to
         see people be the decision makers cannot be real patriotic. Experience
         itself cannot talk. The universal vote by people who has experience is the
         only criterion to decide whether an opinion is truth or fallacy.

  1. 现金权:属于民众的现金应该全民一人一份。如一年民选政府收到海内外捐款2600亿元给中国民众,此款就应在13亿人中平分,每人该年应获得2600/13=200元。

4. The Cash Right: The cash that belongs to all people should
be divided evenly among all the people, one person, one portion. For instance,
if one year the people-elected government receives the total donation of 260
billion dollars inside and outside China for Chinese people, then this amount
should be divided evenly among the 1.3 billion Chinese people, and every
Chinese that year should have 260/1.3=200 dollars.


        After realizing the 4 Fundamental Human
Rights, every one will be able to solve the 4 material living of housing, food,
education and medical care by working or laboring 1 hour per day on average. Those
who oppose us want to or have put all the negative words from the dictionary
upon us human rights activists/awakening people/common people, but they never
like people to have a universal vote upon their opinion or our opinion, and we
always like people to have such vote. Then people can tell who are lying and
who are serving the people honestly. For those who largely agree to our 4 Fundamental
Human Rights, we call each other human rights activist/comrade/awakened
people/common people, which is like the chess friends, the cards friends, the
book reading friends, no need to register. Do not expect to change the
situation of a city, even a country by any action or words from us. If we have
such expectation, we truly cannot do anything in our life. Every day we have
various activities like eating, sleeping, playing chess, reading, democracy and
human rights, and we do not expect any of our activities to change the local
situation in any aspect. No one thinks that if his/her sleeping cannot make
local people rest better that day, then he/she does not sleep that day. Then why
should we think our activity of democracy and human rights must change the
local situation? We think the view that people shouldn’t have activity of
democracy unless it can change the local situation is another big misleading by
the Communist media. Democracy/human rights, religion, chess, mahjong, classic
books, go, ping pang, badminton are the 8 outstanding human activities for they
almost do not consume any material/wealth or pollute the environment or hurt
people, but bring happiness to oneself and other people as well.  


        Since 1949, the so-called People’s
Representatives are not elected by the people. For instance, the representative
ofBeijingis not elected by the 20 millionBeijingresidents. And the
law has never been elected by people’s universal vote either. The law of the
Communist regime does not represent any desire of people and it is totally
illegal. Since the 1990s, it has been a big misleading for Chinese Communist
media to say that the major significance of human life is for material/wealth.
History/people from past to present in the world do not praise the rich people
at all, and praise those whose life mainly pursue the good spirit like
democracy, human rights and fairness. As mentioned above, in a society with
democracy and human rights, housing and food will not be a problem at all. What
we do after meal? That is the major question for people. If one’s life mainly
pursue material/wealth, then one’s life conclusion will be like this, “This person
has consumed how many square feet of housing, how many tons of pork, how many
tons of rice, how many tons of gasoline in his life, and has never had any
words or action to promote democracy, human rights or fairness.” Does any one
want to lead a life like this? Does any one that truly wants to degrade to the
animal that mainly pursues material, sensory stimulation? Falun Gong believers
say well, “We just want to be a good person.” That’s right, to be a good
person. The 1989 Democracy Movement inChinais good because it mainly
pursues the good spirit of democracy and human rights, and it does not unify
the students to form up some company to make money. We agree to use blue as the
color for democracy and human rights. Making money or to solve the material problem
is only a small part of human life. People’s major life goal should be for good
spirit. How can a person who does not talk about democracy, human rights and
fairness be called a human? How can a society that seldom sees democracy, human
rights and fairness be called a human society? The Chinese Communist regime
oppresses people’s religious freedom. Religious freedom is the human rights of
every Chinese.


        If a country has a problem, it will
always be that of democracy/human rights, the same as theUnited States. In the 2010s,
American people have about 40 million houses and property tax has been a burden
to people. Conservatively speaking, it is about $1000 per year. Then 40 million
houses 1 year is 40 million x 1000=40 billion dollars, paid as tax toU. S.government.
For the human rights ofU.
  S.people, this country has 300 million
population, 9.3 million square kilometers, a household shouldn’t pay any
property tax once its area is within half an acre. Also by the principle of
democracy and human rights,U.
  S.government can save the same amount of
budget to remove the property tax for almost all the people. For example, in
2013, theUnited States
deployed about 100,000 troops in the Pacific and 80,000 troops inEuropeto assist its allies’ defense there. TheUnited States
has 1.5 million troops altogether.Japan,
South Koreaand Europe are
all developed and democratic countries and want to be military normal country
for a long time, producing its own carrier, having its own army, having its
human rights to defend its own territory, but have been turned down byU. S.
government. In the 2010s,Japan
has about 0.25 million troops and its rival Communist China has 3.5 million
troops. IfU. S.government
recognizes the human rights of American people, Japanese people, and letJapanbe a military normal country, increase its
own defense/military capacity, like increasing its troops to 0.5 million, then
theUnited Statesmay
greatly reduce her military in its allies likeJapanand reduce its military
expense. By this, theUnited
  Statescan reduce it troops in those ally
countries by 150,000 troops, about 10% of the total 1.5 million troops. In
2013, the military budget of theUnited Statesis around 500 billion
dollars, which means it can cut 50 billion dollars on its annual military
budget, and the annual property tax U. S. government receives is about 40
billion dollars. Since 2000, American people no longer have the obligation or
the capacity to undertake the conventional defense its allies. Except the
nuclear weapon, its allies likeGermany,
Japan,South Koreashould have any troops
and weapons they feel the need for their defense. We believe by the principle
of democracy that everybody votes, there should be more pros than cons for our
idea in the universal vote of American people, Japanese people and other
peoples of America’s allies. In sum, by the principle of democracy and human
rights, by removing those unnecessary expenses ofU.
S.government, it is absolutely feasible to remove the
burden of property tax away fromU. S.people.        


        Many people expectChinato have uprising to liberate
Chinese people. To do so, we need 5 stages. Stage 1: People are ignorant. 2.
People openly talk about they want the Communist regime to collapse. 3. People
openly talk about the address of the local Communist regime, people’s weapon
like slingshot having 30 yards range, the address of the local stationed army,
the address of the local arsenal, the address of the local military factory. 4.
Secretly work out the detail of the uprising. 5. Launch out the uprising. Now
in 2013, most Chinese people are in Stage 2. Once most people move to Stage 3,
talking about the address of the regime building, people’s weapon, the address
of local stationed army, the address of the local arsenal, military factory,
the uprising will happen within 1 year inChina. Stage 3 is the highest stage
for most people. There are always brave people to finish Stage 4 and 5.


        Every person, every media are welcomed
to publish, to spread my articles. People shouldn’t have any worry for that.
Since we believe among Chinese people there are more pros than cons for our 4
Fundamental Human Rights, then any entity having over 1 million people inChina,
no matter what party it is, it will have the same result. Meanwhile, whenever
the Communist media report assaultterror
or chaos happen somewhere or troops get sent somewhere for protection inChina,
it is that people there launch out uprising. An unreal reform will absolutely
lead to real revolution. Every one of the 1.3 billion people inChina
now may form a group about 3 people so that we may protect ourselves better
during an action. I, Wei Liu, am physically weak, having less money than you,
but people from different sides never doubt that if there are 10% of people inChinais like Wei Liu, the Communist regime will
collapse within 1 year for sure, andChinawill have the new era of
democracy and human rights. And to become Wei Liu does not need any physical
element, only needs the ideas. The high Communist officials rob all people of
the land, the living welfares of housing and etc, replacing Chinese tradition
with western Marxism. What they have brought toChinais not progress, but
retrogression; not happiness, but tribulation. They are the only reactionaries,
anti-revolutionary and traitors inChina. Even if we common people are
unable to do anything, we can always shout on street, “Now we declare to form
the Democratic Government of China, to form the Democratic Government of China!”


        The 60-odd years since 1949 in China
shows that it is not a way out for Chinese people to contend each other for
private benefits in the battlefields set up by the Communist regime like the
Cultural Revolution, the Entrance Examination to College, the endless
production, the endless pollution; the way out for Chinese people is to follow
the path for public benefits mentioned by Sun Zhongshan and Jiang Jieshi’s New
Life Movement in 1934. Here “public” means fairness, one person one portion. The
history shows that once the regime treats people unfairly, with some people
getting more than others, like the so-called admitting the excellent, coordinating
the excellent, they all lead the country to corruption and bring endless
tribulation to people. Simply speaking, people working for private benefit
leads to disaster and people working for public benefit leads to happiness. Some
people concern so much about individual’s private benefits, like a neighbor or
a star, wondering whether today that person eats 1 apple, 2 apples or 3
apples?  In fact, those private benefits
like how many apples that person eat today, whether that person eats an apple
at all today has nothing to do with people. What every one of us should concern
is the public benefits or human rights for each of us including the land, the
welfares like housing, the vote, the cash mentioned above.


        Today in the 2010s, some people are
still silly, thinking the high officials have given some benefits to people. Is
it possible for the tens of thousands high officials, who does not produce
anything and rob people of the land, welfares, to truly give
benefits/compensation to anyone?  The
so-called benefit to people by the high official is just the high official
grabbing 10 yuan from you and return you 2 yuan, and call that 2 yuan as your
benefit. What is the life criterion? It is one can solve all the 4 basic
livings including housing, food, education, medical care by working 1 hour per
day. Those adults who work over 2 hours per day and still cannot solve 1 or
more items of the 4 basic livings are all severely robbed by the regime.
Politics is the distribution of social wealth, having the decisive influence
upon people, and people of course concern very much of politics. It is safe to
say that in the 2010s, over 99% of people inChinaare the victims of the
political persecution. The major contradiction inChinatoday is the contradiction
between the tens of thousands of high Communist officials at county level or
higher and the 1.3 billion Chinese people. Many people say, “Every Chinese has
a miserable history. Whether to acknowledge it or not is up to you.” The basic
situation inChina
since 2000 can be summed up by 1 sentence as “People feel hard to survive and
environment sees debacle.”


No one can avoid the life problem. Whether you want to be
robbed by the official for lifetime, consuming some food and die, or to have
the activities of democracy and human rights, even to become a national hero?
The reform that does not return democracy/human rights to people is the unreal
reform. Since 1979, the high Communist officials have said that the reform is
going on inChina,
but we 1.3 billion Chinese people have never seen any real reform till the
2010s. The high officials call any policy change as reform. The officials call
changing a government car as reform, changing a lover as reform, changing
office as reform, even price-raising as reform. In the 2010s, we 1.3 billion
people have no reason to be cheated any more.



        Since 2010, the condition for the
revolution inChina
has matured, no matter it is the peaceful revolution or the forceful
revolution. First we talk about the peaceful revolution. The peaceful revolution
includes staying at home, using blue color, stopping working or schooling,
walking on street, gathering. Here we propose every weekend, Friday, Saturday
and Sunday, these 3 days may be used by Chinese people for all kinds of
democratic expression, and the location is the entireChina. We mean we may do it every
weekend, not we have to do it every weekend. Since 1990, we see those peaceful
activities every day. The high official says, “The demonstration has to get
approval by the police department before people do it.” Its police department
will not approve it anyway. We people just disregard it and go ahead do our
demonstration. The police want to catch us, and let them do it. We may avoid
the busy road in the city and choose the less busy road for our demonstration,
because we walk on the street. For most people, we may take down the Communist
regime at town level, a level below the county.


        If by catching more people or giving
out more guns to its personnel, the Communist regime can solve or alleviate its
so-called problem of stability, then its stability wouldn’t be a problem at
all. How many people can the high officials feel safe to trust? The troops and
the police do not have ammunition in daily times and have them only when there
is action mission. The division commander of the Communist regime does not have
the rank of a general, but a big colonel, while the division commanders in
other country are all the generals. As said above, from the perspectives of
spirit, material/wealth, environment and history, all people, especially the
personnel at regiment rank or below, including peasants, workers, students,
soldiers, police, unemployed, teachers, reporters, government paid speakers,
security personnel, party branch secretaries, city strikers should all take the
side of us democratic people/common people. Why the police dare not have
problem with the soldiers? The soldiers do not use weapon during the conflict
with the police either, but a company act together, smashing the police office
by bare hand. In the 2010s when people resent the regime to the extreme, when
the police strike us for our peaceful activity, we can act just like the
soldiers, tens of us civilians smashing the police office by bare hand. We
should tell people in all sides clearly that the tens of thousands of the high
Communist officials, who rob all people of the land and the welfares like
housing, are nothing but a group of bandits. People at regimental level and
below should no longer work for them, and should no longer hurt yourselves and
other people. 


        Next we talk about the forceful
revolution. Since 2010, it is absolutely possible for the forceful revolution
to succeed inChina.
In 2013, that regime has about 3.5 million troops, including 1 million military
police, the biggest military force in the world.U.
S.military has about 1.5 million soldiers andRussia
has about 1.1 million soldiers. The high Communist officials mostly station the
troops by the unit of a brigade. 1 brigade has about 5,000 soldiers, equal to 2
regiments. This means that even if the Communist regime stations only 1 brigade
in a county/city, it can only station troops in 700 counties/cities ofChina.
Meanwhile, the Communist regime does not station or deploy its troops evenly in
the country, but stations them unbalanced. For example, 4 brigades are
stationed inZhangjiakou,Hebei
Province and 2 brigades are stationed inYinchuan,
Ningxia Region. And,China
has about 3,600 counties/cities. It is reasonable to reckon that in over 80% of
the counties/cities inChina,
that regime has no troops.


        The regime has just 2 regime buildings
in each county/city, thePartyBuildingand thePoliceBuilding.
We occupy, destroy or paralyze it, take down the red flag, raise our blue flag,
broadcasting to the world that we form the Democratic Government of China,
which will be an uprising in full sense. Some people feel this is just a whim
of me, Wei Liu, but thousands of people in China have use their own action to
tell people of all sides that this has happened many times. Just in the year of
2012, in Shifang, Sichuan Province, Luzhou, Sichuan Province, Wansheng,
Chongqing, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Qidong, Jiangsu Province and etc, over
10,000 people in the respective local county/city occupied or paralyzed the
local Communist regime, which already fulfilled the uprising materially, and
only need to broadcast one sentence, “Now I solemnly declare to form the
Democratic Government of China!” Then it will be an uprising in full sense.
People will feel proud to be a resident of the uprising area. The high official
sending troops from other places there shows that the local regime of the
county/city was paralyzed.









of the above 8 paragraphs: We Chinese people can make slingshot, bows as gun
shape, which has a range of 30 meters with accuracy. We may use them to protect
our human rights today in the 2010s just like we did in the Anti-Japanese War
in World War II.



        In the 2010s, the Communist media call
the uprising personnel as terrorist. Terrorists are those regard civilians as
the major target. But people’s uprising regards the Communist personnel as the
major target. The label made by the Communist regime shows that they know that
they have lost all the respect from people and people like to see they get
stricken. The media controlled by the Communist say somewhere has upheaval and
the troops are sent there for protection, then we know there is people’s
uprising there. Our people’s uprising personnel, no matter using a knife, a
gun, or nothing, if captured by the Communist regime, should all be protected
by the Third Geneva Convention published in 1949. The Chinese Communist regime
openly acknowledged this convention in 1952. This convention stipulates that no
one can hurt the captive’s body, life, or insult them, for example ordering the
captive lie on the ground, and meanwhile this convention stipulates the
captives should be provided with the basic living like food and water. We wish
people to spread this international convention around.


        Here we call upon the democratic
people/common people outsideChina
to make such a declaration video of forming the Democratic Government of China,
in which the speaker for such event expresses that any Chinese may broadcast
and spread this video. The speaker/messenger puts this video on the Internet
and then the uprising people insideChina
only needs to download and play such video to fulfill an uprising in its full
sense and reduce the risk of the people insideChina. In other countries and the
several thousand years of the dynasties inChina, the government only sets its
office to the county level, but the Communist regime sets its office to town
level, a subordinate level to county. Then people occupying, destroying or
paralyzing a town level regime is also an uprising. All of the 1.3 billion
Chinese people suffer the same misery and shed the same tears, and it is
absolutely reasonable to share all the democratic resources in this world.
People’s desire is the decisive element for a mission to succeed or fail, which
is a truth that has been tested for numerous times. If most people still think
of how to give big gift to the Communist officials during the holiday, then
that regime will last for 10,000 years; if most people think of how to do the
peaceful revolution or the forceful revolution, then that regime will collapse
within 1 year. This is a Grand All-people Revolution inChinafor 1.3 billion people to
move from having no homestead to having it, from having no democracy/human
rights to having it. The contact information of me, Wei Liu is the following:

          Mail: (请信纸控制在4页以内,不收包裹。Please keep it within 4 pages, no  


           Wei Liu

           P. O. Box1967

           Bemidji,MN56619  U. S. A.            


        Anyone who has worked in the troops
knows that troop moving is very tiring to common soldiers. It is more
uncomfortable to wear the uniform than to wear the civilian clothes. And when
the soldiers and police come to strike us people, they wear vest, helmet and
hold a shield. With those equipments on body, even standing under the sun for 5
minutes is a big misery. Can one do this for 10 years? Of course, not. Since
2010, the Communist military has changed the service term from 3 years in the
past to 2 years. Those troops, who are raised up by the detrimental air and the
detrimental food, and regard the homeland as a battlefield, can only work like
that for 2 years. This means those soldiers and police come to strike us people
today, and after a couple of years, they leave the military unit and will find
themselves on our side. Those who come to strike us directly, being company
rank or below, should definitely be on our side. Meanwhile, the regime striking
or cheating us people does not reduce the opposition it faces, but makes it
increase year by year. The so-called group event has 500 or more people to
participate for human rights. In 1993, there were about 10,000 group events inChinaand in the 2010s, every year there are
over 300,000 group events inChina.  


It is absolutely possible for the forceful revolution to
happen and it has happened 5 times physically inChinain the year of 2012. Over
10,000 local people in the respective 5 counties/cities occupied or paralyzed
the local Communist regime. In 2008, Yang Jia, one person with one knife almost
took over the entire building of the Zhabei District Police Department,Shanghai, which is equal
to that of a county/city. If people have 10 guns, by a sudden strike, we may
take over the regime building in a province capital. In the 2010s, there may be
1 million guns in the civilian world inChina. Those who has made effort
for Chinese people’s democracy, human rights are all heroes, including Sun
Zhongshan, Jiang Jieshi, Lin Zhao, Yu Luoke, Wei Jingsheng, Yang Jia, Deng
Yujiao, Hu Jia, Wu Fan, Yuan Hongbing, Liu Xiaobo, Guo Quan, Hu Yaobang, Wang Dan,
Tang Boqiao, me Wei Liu, Zhou Yahui, Ye Ning, Qian Mingqi, Mr. Sunglass and



Once there is an uprising in full sense inChina,
it will be an astonishing event for the world, and the major participants will
surely be the national heroes. For the peaceful revolution and the forceful
revolution, we have 2 Coordinating Views. Whoever participates in a democratic
activity first has the right to coordinate the people around to participate in;
whichever place/troops participate in a democratic activity first has the right
to coordinate the place/troops adjacent to participate in. In daily times when
you have grievance, you might not find a person to listen. Now there is not
only a person or more people willing to listen, but also using the actual
action to help you. You already lag behind. Of course, at that time you should
participate in the democratic activity. Not until entireChinagets liberated, can we
liberate ourselves. Here we wish those who largely agree to our views to spread
the truth/views, including 1 international convention, 2 Coordinating Views, 4
Fundamental Human Rights, 8 Outstanding Human Activities. One person tell 5 or
more people about it, and tell those who largely agree to do the same thing. Let
each of us have the democratic/progressive activity every week, expand our
progressive strength and bear no shame for the era filled up with our tears.



The end of the essay


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