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▲New York Times: HK’s Challenge to Xi Jinping’s Iron Rule
送交者: 今日雨果 2019年08月15日17:16:36 于 [军事天地] 发送悄悄话

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▲New York Times: Hong Kong’s Challenge to Xi Jinping’s Iron Rule

The protesters, for the most part, are not radicals. But they are a threat to his monopoly on power.

The editorial board represents the opinions of the board, its editor and the publisher. It is separate from the newsroom and the Op-Ed section.

The Chinese government says the Hong Kong demonstrators are radicals using “conduct close to terrorism” to wrest their home back into the Western camp. But terrorists and zealots rarely apologize for violence or promise to learn from their mistakes.

No, the protesters in Hong Kong are not the small band of pro-Western troublemakers who Beijing wants the world to see, however wrong their moment of violence at the Hong Kong airport on Tuesday was. They are young people, a great many of them, who ardently don’t want to come further under the repressive rule of the Chinese Communists.

That’s not hard to understand, given how China has treated its dissidents and ethnic minorities like the Uighurs or Tibetans. But the authorities in Beijing understand something else: The protests are no local matter, but a direct challenge to the Communist Party’s control. The broad demands for more self-rule, as well as for investigations into the police’s use of force, strike at the very heart of the party’s fiercely held monopoly on power and coercive violence.

In earlier times, when China was more secluded from the world, Beijing might not have hesitated to go in and crack down on the protests, as it did at Tiananmen Square 30 years ago. But China today is a global economic power, and any direct intervention in Hong Kong would have global consequences, especially at a time when Beijing is already embroiled in a nasty tariff war with the Trump administration. So far, China has limited its reactions to disinformation and threats.

Yet Hong Kong poses an intolerable affront for a leader as stern and unyielding as Xi Jinping, who has steadily sought to increase China’s control over the troublesome enclave and bristles at any Western criticism. An editorial in Global Times, an outlet for the leadership’s views, described the Hong Kong protests as a “color revolution” by radicals determined to turn the city into a “base for the West to subvert China’s political system.”

In the beginning, when the protests focused on legislation that would have made Hong Kong residents vulnerable to extradition to the mainland and its politicized courts, Beijing was willing to retreat. The Hong Kong government eventually backed off from, but never killed, the bill, and the protests swelled into a leaderless, passionate, social-media-driven uprising essentially encompassing the city’s future and its character.

Over Monday and Tuesday, the protesters went too far. Thousands descended on the Hong Kong airport, seriously disrupting operations, scuffling with travelers and beating at least two men from China. At one fraught moment, a riot police officer cornered by protesters drew his gun but did not fire.

By the standards of more violent corners of the world, it was not a terrible clash. But Hong Kong’s role as a financial, commercial and transportation hub rests on its reputation for order and efficiency and the openness and politeness of its people. The scenes of chaos and violence at its normally impeccable airport threatened a huge disruption of the city’s economy, and came as a shock even to the demonstrators.

On Wednesday, contrite protesters came out with apologetic posters and posts. “Please accept our sincere apology to all travelers, press reporters, paramedics,” read one. “We will learn from our mistakes.”

The difficulty now is to ensure that the eruption of violence at the airport not be a point of no return, after which Mr. Xi concludes he has no choice but to react, but rather a shock that drives both sides back from the precipice. The United States and its allies have a distinct interest in the latter.

For that to happen, Carrie Lam, the leader of Hong Kong, and her superiors in Beijing must show restraint and convince the people of Hong Kong that they will not further erode the citizens’ rights and liberties, enshrined until 2047 in a treaty with Britain. President Trump, who has so far limited his reaction to saying, “Everyone should be calm and safe,” should join with Britain and other allies in insisting that China honor Hong Kong’s special status, and in making clear that any use of armed force to crush dissent would lead to stern and certain sanctions.

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[教育学术]今日雨果:★ Le 1er pas vers l'universalisme des langue2018-05-06 08:04:58



『L'Insoutenable Légèreté de l'être』vs『Une jeunesse chinoise』


☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞   Feuilles | Foglie | Blätter | Leaves | 叶子 @CND  ☞ ✐ 哈维尔,鼹鼠,莫扎特 Re: 【华夏文摘】杜欣欣:布拉格行  ☞ “坦克履带声”题材电影:『生命𣎴可承受之轻』vs.『颐和园』  ☞  。。。


☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞ ★Rinascimento Oggi | 今 日文艺复兴】, with URL links (今日雨果作品集 ∩ Patentes | Brevetto | Patentes | Patents | 专利) ☞ 〇【白皮书】《下1代多语种论坛博弈’体系结构&软件设计&开发》  

〇 {Paradigme-3.05 纽约时报 vs 万维读者网头版,各自如何报道MIT 校长 L. RAFAEL REIF的观点  

 〇{Paradigme-3.05.01 在万维读者网头版上被删去的MIT校长REIF的观点,该文最关键的内容之1揭晓 & 美国发射人类第一枚太阳探测器升空 成功与火箭分离奔向太阳烈焰


 MIT principal REIF's views, which were deleted on the front page of Creaders, 1 of the most critical is revealed on the same day with 1 great news from USA. | 


 An enduring benefit of the G.I. Bill and America’s response to Sputnik was that Americans became, for some decades, the best educated people on Earth, and we can do it again. |《军人安置法案》的持久效益和美国对苏联人造卫星的回应,使得几十年来美国人成为地球上受过最好教育的人群,我们可以再做一次。


★Rousseau Russell Camus Солжени́цын Romantisme “Rinascimento Oggi”| 卢梭 罗素 加缪 索尔仁尼琴 浪漫主义 今日文艺复兴

♞Rousseau | 卢梭是谁?


☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞ ★【巴黎硅谷】 ☞  〇 6.23 Culture:: {Jean-Jacques Rousseau | 讓-雅克·盧梭} ☞ 。。。(请细读在这棵树上有关卢梭的所有枝叶)

浪漫主义运动在初期跟哲学并不相干,不过很快就和哲学有了关系。通过卢梭,这运动自始便和政治是连在一起的。” -罗素。罗素,他很理解卢梭。

♞Russell | 罗素是谁?




☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞ ★ 浪漫主义 vs. 存在主义,您更推崇哪个?Re: 存在主义:生命是荒唐的。 ☞  罗素:: 《西方哲学史》 ::  第十八章 浪漫主义运动(请读全帖&第18章全文)

Camus | 加缪是谁?


☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞ 从“中国需要被殖民三百年”说起 ☞ ✐ 哲学家{Albert Camus | 阿尔贝·加缪}的第3条道路才是独辟蹊径,非常值得东西方尝试 Re: 从“中国需要被殖民三百年”说起   。。。

哲学家{Albert Camus | 阿尔贝·加缪}的第3条道路:
★80后 90后必看 【巴黎硅谷】☞ 〇 6.08 Culture:: Albert Camus ☞ 〇 6.08.04 加缪在《反叛的人》中就认为在苏联式(&中国式)的集体主义,与美国式的“存在主义”之间,可以有一种“地中海-欧洲文化态度”:回向希腊文明倡导的平衡,人不一定非要跨过生命的局限。反叛是需要的,但是浮士德式的无限追求,会让人失去节制。

注1: 加缪那个时代,中国还处于100%闭关锁国状态,因此,他在这里的观察&论断,尚未涉及中国。这个缺失,并不影响他的论断可以涵盖中国,中国迄今还在同俄罗斯眉来眼去的,暗送秋波,大同小异而已。所以,在此,陈述改成了“苏联式(&中国式)的集体主义”。

(请细读在这棵树上〇 6.08有关加缪的所有枝叶)

Солжени́цын | 索尔仁尼琴是谁?


☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞ LA DéCLARATION DE PARIS ☞ 〇{Commentaires-2.01 Mr. Solzhenitsyn | 索尔仁尼琴先生;哲学家{Albert Camus | 阿尔贝·加缪}的第3条道路才是独辟蹊径,非常值得东西方尝试&实践   。。。



♞Romantisme | 浪漫主义是什么?


☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞ ★ 浪漫主义 vs. 存在主义,您更推崇哪个?Re: 存在主义:生命是荒唐的。 ☞  。。。

La liberté guidant le peuple | 自由引导人民 -浪漫主义代表作之1

♞“Rinascimento Oggi” | “今日文艺复兴”是什么?

Scuola di Atene | 雅典学院









如果您理解了 卢梭 罗素 加缪 索尔仁尼琴 浪漫主义,如果您理解了小雨的这1始于2006年的立论&理念 - “今日文艺复兴”,就不难理解小雨上面说的这句话。

★ Great Renaissance and The Structure of The Civilization (2006-11-23 23:47:33)




☞ 网站 http://HugoAujourdhui.org  ☞ Blogs ☞ Hugo Aujourd'hui ☞ Hugo@Creaders archive index ☞ ★【Rinascimento Oggi | 今日文艺复兴】, with URL links (今日雨果作品集 ∩ Patentes | Brevetto | Patentes | Patents | 专利) ☞ 。。。



倾听-----,法兰西浪漫主义3杰之1 - 柏辽兹创作’🎬《Marche hongroise | 匈牙利进行曲(18:00~25:00 / 2:06:28)已经吹响了号角!


Référence | Riferimento | Reference | 参考文献

★ 1 Monde

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 1 World

★ 天下1

Qu'est-ce que la survie de l'humanité dépend-il?

Che cosa significa la sopravvivenza dell'umanità dipende?

What does Humanity's Survival Depend on ? 


- Scientifique,diplomate, écologiste, psicologi, politicien & les autres

- Scienziato,  Diplomatico, Ecologista, Psicologi, Politico & altri

- Scientist, Diplomatist, Ecologist, Psychologist, Politician & Others

科学家、外交家、生态学家、心理学家 & 政治家等等'见解

13e révision 

13 revisione  

 13th revision   


Hugo Aujourd'hui

Hugo Oggi

Hugo Today


          ★ 1 Monde | 1 Mondo | 1 World | 天下1家



13稿,增加了:审视当前'AI研究对人类&世界命运'consequences (在写,未完成稿,直到本行消失。。。)

[天下论坛]今日雨果:★80后90后必看 Multilingual非对称博弈 MIT校长’观2018-08-19 12:54:07
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★80后90后必看【Opéra】法广:美国如何中了北京’公关2018-08-14 18:15:22
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★美国发射人类第1枚太阳探测器升空 成功与火箭分离奔2018-08-12 20:37:19
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★纽约时报vs万维读者网头版,各自如何报道MIT校长的观2018-08-09 20:35:04
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★思羽:永远的罗马 | Sempre Roma2018-08-06 04:00:34
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【Marteau Paradigme】1989-06-04, "Héraut E2018-07-28 05:52:06
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【La Comédie humaine】L'idéologie de la C2018-07-18 04:19:01
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【La Comédie humaine】“Jour de la Bastille, Pa2018-07-15 06:06:16
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【La concession francaise de Changhai】2018-07-13 11:44:43

[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【全球人口危机】“中国应该分成13个国家,美国分成2018-07-10 11:32:07
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【Ethical Hacking】潜伏在万维读者网’中宣部 Re:2018-07-09 19:55:55
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★霍启明:老舍看过《1984》为何一笑而过!? Re:重提2018-07-09 18:18:15
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[天下论坛]今日雨果:★ Site Web élégant FHY Net, où êtes-vous?2018-06-26 10:13:21


🎬吴建民:我们不要功劳,我们只要街头革命。 君不见,自发起五一共振后,

★吴建民,1989-06-04 六四南京学运领导人,视频发言 

〇 吴建民:海外民运人士组建流亡政府联署办公。。。时间已不容我们等待

2018-06-24 11:09:44




2018-06-25 02:44:51
[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【Rinascimento Oggi | 今日文艺复兴】C罗 - 傲视群雄2018-06-23 07:09:54
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[天下论坛]今日雨果:★【巴黎硅谷】5 aspects révèlent que ce n'est certainement pas le bon moment pour les tortues d'outre-mer de revenir | 从五个方面告诉你为什么现在绝对不是海归的时机2018-06-19 12:10:58
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2018-06-04 04:19:14
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  ΔLe défi de Hong Kong à la règ - 今日雨果 08/15/19 (314)
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2018: 美国折腾土耳其可能会导致中东翻船
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